ByBrian Salisbury, writer at
Brian Salisbury

The game is about to begin! Ender's Game that is. 's big screen adaptation of 's novel about a heroic young solider in a war-crazed futuristic society will be released in theaters this November. The film stars (Hugo) as the titular hero and as Colonel Graff, his military school headmaster.

Yesterday, Summit released this clip from the film. In it, Colonel Graff seeks to inspire the Battle School cadets by regaling them with the story of the great Mazer Rackham. Sir Ben Kinsgley will be playing Mazer Rackham in the movie. Inter-cut with his words is a spectacular air battle utilizing a great deal of digital effects work. It's a stirring clip that I think serves as a suitable taste of what the overall film has in store for us.

Take a look at the clip and let us know what you think.



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