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Update: While nothing has been chiselled in stone just yet, Patty Jenkins appears to have confirmed a contemporary setting for Wonder Woman 2. Yet seeing as DC execs have teased flashbacks in future DCEU movies, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that we'll witness more iconic historical periods in the Diana Prince sequel.

It's been a year since Gal Gadot made her no-nonsense debut as in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but Diana Prince is finally back in theaters proving that love really can conquer anything. It helps when love is armed with bullet-proof bracers and a white-hot lasso of truth, especially when charging across No Man's Land under German machine-gun fire. Yet it's Diana's enduring hope and Gadot's refreshingly earnest performance that sells the whole spectacle.

Warning: This posts contains spoilers for Wonder Woman!

Director Patty Jenkins was quick to capitalize on the strong word-of-mouth hype surrounding the unique period setting of WW1 and Gadot's stunning performance, claiming that Wonder Woman 2 won't hurry to link up to the events of other movies in the . She said of Diana:

"I'm excited for her to come to America and become the Wonder Woman we are all familiar with from having grown up around her as an American superhero. I'd like to bring her a little farther along into the future and have a fun, exciting storyline that is its own thing. Wonder Woman 1 is so much about her becoming the person she is. I can't wait to spring forward with who she is and have another great standalone superhero film."

She also claimed that Diana's comments to Bruce — that she turned her back on mankind 100 years ago — are semantically difficult, and there could be a misunderstanding that makes room for her to engage with history from WW1 right up until the arrival of Superman.

With that in mind, lets run down some of the eras that would make for both a striking setting and stark challenge to Wonder Woman's hopeful ideals:

1920s - Swingin' and Crashing

Chance: Possible

The '20s was something of a Golden Era for the Western world, with America and much of Europe economically booming after the end of the Great War. It was also an age of crime. Prohibition came into effect in America, resulting in smuggling, bootlegging, and organized crime on a national scale. Think Al Capone. Think jazz.

What We Want To See:

  • Dionysus the Greek God of Wine secretly pulling the strings of the Mafia (provided he survived the cull of Ares).
  • Diana's armor inspiring the fashionable shorter-skirts of the age.
  • The Wall Street Crash of 1929, and Diana's confusion over capitalism.

1930s - Rise of Fascism

Chance: Highly Likely

Wonder Woman had Diana enter the Great War at its tail end, Wonder Woman 2 could flip that premise and have her witnessing the growing discontent of the 1930s. The Great Depression and the Rise of Nazism would allow Gal Gadot to get her Steve Trevor on and try her hand at espionage.

What We Want To See:

  • Diana's disdain for the gulf between the rich and the poor in 1930's America.
  • Her righteous fury at the policies and practices of the Nazi party.

1940s - The Greatest Generation

Chance: Unlikely

Wonder Woman has already drawn comparisons with Captain America: The First Avenger, and if Patty Jenkins wants Diana to truly strike out on her own, it might be best to stray away from the Second World War. However, having seen Diana storm the trenches in Belgium, doesn't part of you want to see her on the beaches of France in D-Day?

What We Want To See:

  • Diana giving hope to civilians in a bomb shelter during the Blitz.
  • Her witnessing the new aerial field of war and realising that it's finally time for her to fly, ushering in the invisible jet (Jenkins has claimed that the jet is on the cards...).

1950s - West V. East

Chance: Possible

After WW2, the world's superpowers had lost their taste for hot conflicts and preferred instead to fight their wars through smaller, poorer nations while flexing their armories at one another from opposite ends of the compass. The Cold War was the epitome of that as tensions between West and East bubbled into an escalating nuclear conflict. Wonder Woman 2 could easily expand Diana's role from soldier to spy in the Fifties.

What We Want To See:

  • Wonder Woman in the deprived Soviet Union.
  • Diana being a suspected communist for her views and outlook.
  • A reunion between Diana and ageing actor-cum-spy, Sameer.

1960s - Good Mornin' Vietnam

Chance: Unlikely

The closer we get to modern day, the more politically charged Wonder Woman 2 automatically becomes. The 1960s saw the escalation of the Vietnam War, a fiery conflict that remains a bone of contention to date, with many Americans considering the conflict a victory by body count if not by conquest. Still, there's plenty of material for Diana to engage with during the sixties if handled tastefully: picture Forrest Gump, the superhero movie.

Alternatively, Wonder Woman 2 could loosely follow the pre-crisis storyline whereby Diana loses her powers and is forced to learn martial arts from the enigmatic I Ching. She also owns a mod boutique, which is definitely something we want to see Gal Gadot try out.

What We Want To See:

  • Diana attempting to stop the Kennedy assassination.
  • Gal Gadot selling chinos and polo shirts to Mods in London.
  • Potential Watchmen Easter Eggs.

1970s - World In Crisis

Chance: Possible

The 1970s was something of a geopolitical mess, with America licking its wounds post-Vietnam and much of the developing world slipping into revolution and genocide. Wonder Woman was needed everywhere from Angola to Iran — yet considering the Lebanese backlash against Iranian-born leading lady, Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman 2 is unlikely to engage too much with the convoluted history of the area.

A jaunt to Africa wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility, with Wonder Woman 2 rumored to feature a variation of classic Wonder Woman villain, Cheetah. Although there are multiple backgrounds for the character, Wonder Woman's confident use of mythology and spirituality should allow for the sequel to expand on that sense of mysticism.

Wonder Woman and Cheetah [Credit: DC Comics]
Wonder Woman and Cheetah [Credit: DC Comics]

What We Want To See:

  • Broader view of mythology to include non-Hellenic deities/powers.
  • Diana hoping to return to Themyscira after decades of being away from her home.

1980s - Tainted Love

Chance: Unlikely

Should Wonder Woman 2 pitch Diana back into an armed conflict in the eighties, then nothing would be quite as eye-opening and controversial as sending her into the Soviet-Afghan war. It would be a powerful statement to have Diana Prince intercede in a middle-eastern conflict, yet it's such a politically-loaded conflict with continuing real-world repercussions that it's doubtful Patty Jenkins would tap into it. Perhaps she could step into the War on Drugs instead.

This was the decade of Bruce Wayne's (Ben Affleck) orphanhood, with his parents being gunned down in 1981. While Bruce has no idea who Diana is during the events of BvS, there's nothing to suggest that she doesn't know who he is.

What We Want To See:

  • An unflinching look at how Diana Prince is relevant to us now.
  • A soundtrack to rival Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • A glimpse into Bruce Wayne's childhood from a unique perspective.

1990s - Desert Storm

Chance: Even Less Likely

If we're unlikely to see the Soviet-Afghan war then we definitely won't see the First Gulf War, in which UN forces invaded Iraqi-occupied Kuwait. The same goes for many of the bloody and technologically advanced conflicts of the nineties. It remains too close to current social consciousness, too near to recent memory to safely touch upon without upsetting thousands of people. The DCEU already has enough problems with critics and fans alike without inviting historical controversy.

Patty Jenkins has promised to ground Wonder Woman in America in the sequel, yet even on American shores there was uproar and discontent. Waco. The LA riots. Terrorist attacks. If Wonder Woman 2 is going to engage with history, then the nineties is probably too close for comfort for some.

What We Want To See:

  • Diana's unique outlook on pleasure in relation to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
  • Wonder Woman enjoying some gangster rap.
  • Hearing about the rise of the Batman.

2000s - The War on Terror

Chance: Least Likely

Wonder Woman 2 wouldn't simply get more politically-charged the closer it got to modern times, it would also bare the weight of a century of alternative history. Diana Prince's clandestine interventions into armed conflicts would be easy enough to disguise in our own timeline, but with modernity comes the arrival of characters that already have established story lines. Batman, the Suicide Squad, the Flash, Aquaman. How does their arrival impact events like 9/11?

The nineties and noughties might be best explored by the heroes that arrive in those eras. Batgirl is rumored to be feature extensive flashbacks to a "Killing Joke" style storyline which would take place during either one of these decades. Still, it's a tantalizing possibility. Perhaps Diana can experience some of the more progressive values of the time, exploring her LGBT background outright against a backdrop of the struggle for gay rights.

Gal Gadot has given her blessing to the character's sexuality, which could pave the way for a decent representation of LGBT characters, as opposed to shoehorned gay relationships and innuendos.

Wonder Woman Officiates Gay Wedding [Credit: DC Comics]
Wonder Woman Officiates Gay Wedding [Credit: DC Comics]

What We Want To See:

  • Wonder Woman's frank appraisal of the War on Terror.
  • Diana Prince officiating a gay wedding as is her royal duty.

2010s - The Return of Wonder Woman

Chance: Possible

Wonder Woman didn't intervene in the Kryptonian invasion which occurred roughly around 2013. She's also notably absent while the Man of Steel takes over the role of Earth's protector, so does she believe in him? Or has she just become jaded enough to leave the world to its devises? We've already seen a flashback to the Dark Knight's perspective on Superman vs. Zod, it's possible we could return to the titanic duel for another alternative perspective.

Both BvS and Wonder Woman depict a modern Diana that has become sharp and cutting as well as cynical. The events of each seem to remind her of her sacred duty, so the 2010s would likely see her at her lowest, a point of having given up on the endless war for humanity. If she did witness that catastrophic fight, she still chose to do nothing.

What We Want To See:

  • Diana's search for her photograph.
  • The origins of Diana's position at the Louvre.

Diana Prince next returns in when Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Ezra Miller's The Flash will make their official DCEU debuts. The success of Wonder Woman will make her something of a linchpin in the ensemble movie, with many still uncertain about Ben Affleck's future in the franchise and Henry Cavill's version of the character still polarizing opinions. Only has truly united DC fans, and many will be eagerly anticipating Justice League purely for her involvement alone.

Wonder Woman is in theatres worldwide now. Let us know what you thought about the movie below, and don't forget out poll at the bottom!


Which era do you want to see in Wonder Woman 2?

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