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Will Wharton

Parenthood star recently took to the waves to surf a little portion of delight into our otherwise dreary lives. I mean seriously the most interesting thing I did today was stick a photo of Sean Penn onto a pen and show people. Look, I'm not lying. It's right there. It seemed as though my day and perhaps my life had peaked at this point. How much closer to greatness am I going to come than with this potentially pointless image? Is this not the only brush with awesomeness my hungry soul will taste this day? This month? This year?

Turns out: no. As I mentioned above, more awesomeness came my way today, and I feel it's my civic duty to pass that awesomeness onto you good people. I haven't seen Parenthood but perhaps I'll check it out after see this video. The Reserve Channel appears to have put together this little promo vid and I have to say it seems to be working. What do you guys think?


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