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Ah, Bristol! Famed for Banksy, its endearingly comic accent, sharing a name with one of Sarah Palin's spawn, and escaped 6-foot crocodiles!

The city in the southwest of England has been going croc crazy since a bus driver reported spotting a 6-foot monster lurking under Coronation Bridge. The initially inexplicable sighting has now been pinned on the filmmakers behind the comedy/horror The Hatching.

A tweet from The Bristol Police Force regarding the escaped crocodile

The film is about crocodiles terrorizing locals in an idyllic countryside location, and some are regarding this incident of life imitating art as more than a coincidence. But the makers of The Hatching claim that members of the public have been in touch with their production company to verify no live crocs escaped during filming, but the more cynical among us are screaming 'marketing ploy'!

Publicity stunt or not, the Bristol crocodile has certainly seized the local people's imagination. The rampaging reptile has not one, but two Twitter accounts and even the Bristol Mayor, George Ferguson has been eager to communicate with the crafty croc.

If this is indeed a publicity stunt, the crew behind The Hatching have done a stellar job. There isn't even a trailer available for their movie yet, but the whole world is talking about it!

Are you intrigued by The Hatching now? The crew certainly seem to have a sense of humor!

(Source: International Business Times and Bristol Post)

(Images: Bristol Post via Twitter and The Telegraph)


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