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Not only did Eugene stun viewers on Sunday night when he seemingly turned his back on Rick and the gang, but he also blinded up with science when he took Tanya, Frankie and Amber outside to show them a few flashy experiments.

However, as cool as Eugene's experiments were, actor Josh McDermitt has revealed that those cool looking tricks almost cost him his famous haircut!

Eugene performing his experiments [Credit: AMC]
Eugene performing his experiments [Credit: AMC]

Speaking to EW, McDermitt recounted how even though Eugene makes the experiments look pretty effortless, in reality they were a lot more involved than you might think. And of course, things didn't exactly go to plan. McDermitt told EW:

"The special effects guys showed us how to do it and I got to practice it a bunch and it was very consistent and everything. And then, of course, when it’s rolling, it never went the same way twice. There was one moment, because these little balloon things were filled with hydrogen, and I was supposed to put the candle up to the balloon and it just explodes, but there were a couple of takes where it just pierced a pin-sized hole in it, so the hydrogen comes jetting out and it’s on fire so it’s like a blowtorch."

"Basically, the fire cuts the line and then the balloon starts flying around in this crazy direction and I feel like it’s going to land on my mullet and catch it on fire, so I start running and I’m screaming and everyone’s laughing at me and like, 'I’m literally right next to this fireball that’s not exploding and you guys are laughing at me? Go for it.' I’m freaking out, man."

[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

And just in case you were in two minds about whether or not McDermitt was worried about the world learning about his worried reaction, he totally gave his blessing for the footage to make it on to the Blu-ray bloopers reel. He said:

"Oh, man. I'm all for it. I have no shame. Please! I'm sure I look like a giant idiot. I'm sure it wasn't as bad as it looked, but standing right next to it, that’s what you do with stunts, especially with pyrotechnics and things like that. If something doesn't go exactly according to how it's supposed to go, then get the hell out of there. That's me running, and of course, the crew who's standing 60 feet away are laughing their butts off and it’s like 'No, no, you don’t get to laugh at that.'"

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[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]
[Credit: Gene Page/AMC]

But despite yarning freely about his near death experiences, unfortunately McDermitt was less forth coming with details on what the hell Eugene's game plan is, and whether or not he's actually siding with Negan. But it wasn't just that he doesn't want to ruin the experience for the viewers, apparently he actually told showrunner Scott Gimple not to tell him what Eugene was doing!

"I even told Scott Gimple, 'Don’t tell me, because if I know then I’m going to start playing that kind of direction and I don’t want to.' I would rather it be a surprise because this was a huge surprise at the end of the episode. When he says 'I’m Negan,' I pushed my script back and I threw my arms in the air and went, 'YES!' It was such a surprise for me. I loved that, and I want that to be a surprise for everyone else. If I know, then I will start leaning into that a little bit. This is all boring actor talk. The people don’t care. They just want to know if Eugene is playing Negan or not. I get it. I’m not revealing it."

Well, sorry guys, looks like we'll just have to keep watched to see if Eugene really is Negan, or if it's all a carefully constructed plan to ensure his survival.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 12 on March 5


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