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Will Wharton

Say you're a burgeoning sexy babe. You're 23, from the UK and think you're totally ready to make the trip to L.A. where your girl-next-door charms can be transformed into big bucks and you'll meet the man of your dreams, played by Colin Firth. Because... you know he probably lives in L.A. Despite being the most British human being alive. Seriously, that dude sweats Union Jack flags and smells of gardens with foxes running through them. Probably. Anyway...

If your plan is to head to L.A. to try and make it, take this simple test. This test will ascertain whether you've got it or not. Take a photo of yourself with long wonderful sexy hair. That's right, the hair you've been growing since you were 14. Looks great right? Now cut it all short. Not shoulder length, I'm talking Anne Hathaway short. Done?

Now look at yourself. If what you see is a man looking back at you, then you might not have what it takes kid. But if you see the same sexy babe looking back at you then by all means head to L.A. to get your dreams shattered. You're ready.

Eva Longoria passed the test 100%. Check her out below and marvel at her ability to look smokin' hot all. the. time.

Thanks to the good folks at L'Official Hommes for taking the pics.


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