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Warning: this article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story: Roanoke comes to an end this week and after a season full of terrifying moments which created a brave new world for the AHS universe, we'll certainly be sad to see the season come to a close. Roanoke has been a whirlwind, blending fiction with reality to create the two fictional shows My Roanoke Nightmare and Return to Roanoke: Three Days In Hell.

Now, we are left with the conclusion to the story — an in-depth exposé of the last survivor of Roanoke, Lee Harris. Conducted by Asylum legend Lana Winters, the reporting icon will no doubt get to the bottom of what really went on during those three hellish nights, deciding if Lee can really be trusted. It's hard coping with the deaths of beloved characters but somehow we've come to expect the unexpected with American Horror Story and this leads me to the question of whether or not we will see fan favorite Evan Peters again before Roanoke concludes?

Peters appeared in Roanoke as Rory Monahan, a rather dorky yet extremely loveable actor known for playing Edward Phillipe Mott in the My Roanoke Nightmare re-enactment. Rory was the first character to be disposed of in Return to Roanoke after being killed by the twisted nurses on the first night of the Blood Moon. The final episode will mark the culmination of the Roanoke storyline and with AHS known for its unpredictable twists, could we see Peters pop up again before the credits roll this Wednesday?

Peters Is Credited As A Series Regular

Peters' name has been featured on the credits for every episode. [Via FX]
Peters' name has been featured on the credits for every episode. [Via FX]

Although Peters only appeared in two episodes of Roanoke, he is one of the few cast members actually credited as a series regular. Perhaps this is an attempt to throw viewers off the scent, but I find it rather odd that Peters is a regular when other cast members such as Adina Porter and Lady Gaga are credited as special guests despite having much more screen time and episodes than Peters has.

Peters first appeared in "Chapter 5" as Edward Phillipe Mott in the Roanoke Nightmare re-enactment and his performance was loved by fans. However, Mott was killed within the first few minutes of the show. After the re-enactment ended, we all wondered what this meant for Peters' role on the show but the following episode saw him appear as Rory Monahan — the actor behind Mott. Before "Chapter 6" came to a close, Monahan was murdered. Considering Peters' lead status on the show, I think it's safe to say that we are expecting another appearance from him.

Lana Winters' Special Could Consist Of More Behind The Scenes Footage

"Return to Roanoke" featured extra footage from the re-enactment. [Via FX]
"Return to Roanoke" featured extra footage from the re-enactment. [Via FX]

Rory may be dead but Lana Winters TV exposé on Lee will likely feature extra footage not seen on My Roanoke Nightmare or Return to Roanoke. As both series' were edited for broadcast, there is likely a ton of information that has been left out such aS behind the scenes footage, goofs or interviews with each participant. Personally, I would love to see more behind the scenes footage of Roanoke Nightmare with Rory in character as Edward Phillipe Mott, especially when he became interested in Audrey and her accent. Rory may have been a dork but he was one of Peters' better characters.

We also have reason to believe that Lana is the one responsible for the version of Return to Roanoke that ended up airing. The aired version was less reality series like producer Sidney Aaron James wanted, opting for more of a documentary style — highlighting the horror of the situation. This version featured extra footage of Roanoke Nightmare, as well as Audrey and Rory's wedding footage, so if Lana is the one behind the show then she will likely have access to this footage and could incorporate it into her exposé on the of Roanoke.

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Will Rory's Ghost Appear In The Finale?

Rory became the first victim of "Return to Roanoke" [Via FX]
Rory became the first victim of "Return to Roanoke" [Via FX]

Using the information we learned from My Roanoke Nightmare, those who are slaughtered during the Blood Moon cycle are not only tied to the land but they are enslaved to the Butcher for all of eternity — they are then forced to carry out whatever brutal murders she requests. Since Rory was one of the unlucky ones to die during the Blood Moon, that means that his soul is stuck with the Butcher and her dictatorship forever.

His wife Audrey, who turned into the greatest character this season, died the day after after the Blood Moon cycle ended which means that she is likely free from the nightmare — this makes her arguably the luckiest character of all as Lee has to live with what happened for the rest of her life.

[Via FX]
[Via FX]

Much like the majority of Season 6, the season finale of Roanoke is shrouded in mystery and with the exception of the Lana Winters' exposé, we have no idea what crazy happenings will occur in the final episode. I have a feeling that someone — perhaps Lana — will set foot on the Butcher's sacred land and if so, then we could see all of the Roanoke spirits one last time. If this is the case then we could see Rory. The focus of the season has been on the supernatural goings-on of that horrid house so I think we can guarantee that the house and surrounding woodland will be seen at some stage in the finale.

Before the Roanoke finale messes you up even more, check out these seriously messed up moments from previous seasons of American Horror Story:

Evan Peters has been a mainstay of American Horror Story since the anthology series began way back in 2011. To culminate Roanoke — which has been easily the scariest season yet — without his presence somehow feels wrong. Roanoke has taken us on the most terrifying journey yet and with Lee and Lana about to sit down for an interview, I think we can pretty much guarantee that the horror is only just beginning. With Ryan Murphy at the helm, who knows what twists and turns will pop up in the finale?

American Horror Story: Roanoke concludes this Wednesday on FX. Do you think Evan Peters will make an appearance in the Roanoke finale? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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