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Warning: This article contains spoilers from American Horror Story: Roanoke.

American Horror Story has been receiving critical acclaim for its Roanoke season, specifically because of its terrifying realistic tone and pacing. Although it has been a successful season, many fans were displeased with the fact that actor Evan Peters— who has had substantial roles in every season of American Horror Story so far — hadn't appeared in Roanoke. However, the latest episode of the horror anthology series righted that wrong and fans saw Peters in a flashback sequence, appearing as Edward Phillipe Mott — the very first owner of the Roanoke farmhouse.

Mott died within the first fifteen minutes of the episode (damn you, AHS) but not before giving fans everything they could've wanted from a Peters character, including a brilliant old-fashioned accent, some wonderful lines and that bathtub scene. Mott's ghost is now tied to the Roanoke land so while you might like to believe that we will see Peters pop up again in future episodes of I hate to be the one to tell you that this is unlikely. Mott could appear again but Peters won't be playing him.

Evan Peters Was Only Playing The Dramatic Re-Enactment Of Mott

Peters' character is playing Mott in a re-enactment for "My Roanoke Nightmare." (via FX)
Peters' character is playing Mott in a re-enactment for "My Roanoke Nightmare." (via FX)

Although it's clear that Peters appeared as Edward Phillipe Mott we must remember that he was in the dramatic re-enactment part of the show. This means that Peters is not actually playing Mott, rather he is playing an actor who is portraying Mott for the fictional documentary My Roanoke Nightmare. The same thing applies to Sarah Paulson and Kathy Bates — although viewers have come to know them as Shelby and the Butcher, they are actually the re-enactors of the story. Lily Rabe is playing the 'real' Shelby who is being interviewed for My Roanoke Nightmare.

The latest episode saw the Roanoke Nightmare come to an end in a terrifying fashion — the story of Matt and Shelby Miller has concluded and with that there is no need for further re-enactments. This means that Peters cannot appear again as Mott.

Evan Peters' Edward Phillipe Mott was forever tied to the Roanoke land. (via FX)
Evan Peters' Edward Phillipe Mott was forever tied to the Roanoke land. (via FX)

Could We See Peters Playing The Actor Behind Mott?

Could Peters appear as the actor behind the role of Edward Mott? (via FX)
Could Peters appear as the actor behind the role of Edward Mott? (via FX)

Peters appearance in the re-enactment sections of Roanoke suggests that he is playing an actor portraying the role of Mott. Just because we can't see him as Mott again doesn't mean that Peters will be off the show. Peters is actually listed as a series regular despite only appearing in one episode so far whereas others like Lady Gaga and Adina Porter are listed as "special guest stars" despite the fact they've had much more screen time than Peters. Taking this into account, there is no way that Peters would be listed as a series regular for appearing in one episode — he must appear more frequently in the second half of the season.

As Cheyenne Jackson's character is pivotal to the whole show, it is likely that we will see Peters playing the actor who is starring as Mott in the Roanoke Nightmare documentary series. Jackson's character — who at the moment is the person producing the documentary — could have been involved in the casting of the documentary and thus he could interact with Peters character throughout the remainder of Roanoke.

The promo for the upcoming episode suggests that even though My Roanoke Nightmare has concluded the story of Roanoke is over. Perhaps Peters will be directly involved in this big twist that has the entire AHS fandom talking.

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Will Another American Horror Story Actor Play The Real Edward Phillipe Mott?

As the Roanoke story is far from over, I cant help but think that we haven't seen the last of the supernatural entities that haunt the farmhouse and its surrounding area. If this is the case and Cheyenne Jackson goes to the land, then we will the real versions of the ghosts meaning that Evan Peters, Kathy Bates, Frances Conroy or Lady Gaga will not be playing these supernatural characters.

Perhaps we will see some other familiar American Horror Story actor playing Edward Phillipe Mott. We've seen this with Shelby where two regular AHS actors portray the same character — Lily Rabe portrays the real Shelby and Sarah Paulson portrays the re-enactment of Shelby. Mott is an important character to the narrative so if our producer does step foot on the Roanoke land, then we will have to see him in some shape or form. But which actor could it be?

Finn Wittrock Should Play Edward Phillipe Mott

Remember Finn Wittrock's villainous Dandy Mott from "Freak Show"? (via FX)
Remember Finn Wittrock's villainous Dandy Mott from "Freak Show"? (via FX)

We've seen actor Finn Wittrock portraying multiple characters in American Horror Story's previous seasons and he would be the likely option to portray the real life version of Edward Phillpe Mott. Not only is he one of the only AHS regulars who resemble Peters in age and physique, there is a much greater reason as to why he should portray Mott.

Wittrock portrayed Dandy Mott in Freak Show and while there are plenty of fan theories connection Roanoke to Coven, Hotel or Murder House, the Mott family name is the only official connection between Roanoke and any other season of American Horror Story. Dandy's lineage can be traced back to Edward Mott and as was explained in the latest episode of Roanoke, the Mott family suffered from madness — both characters experienced some anger issues. Dandy was the last of the Mott line when he was murdered in 1952.

The fact that Wittrock played Dandy is reason enough to allow him to portray Edward Mott as he is familiar with the characteristics of the Mott family. There have been rumors circulating that Wittrock will appear in Roanoke at some stage and since this has not happened yet, I think it's pretty clear which character he will be portraying.

Check out the ominous preview for "Chapter 6":

Evan Peters' appearance may have been brilliant but unfortunately it will probably be the last we see of him as the eccentric Edward Phillipe Mott. However, the character will likely appear again and considering how talented the entire cast of American Horror Story are, I have no doubt that whoever is playing the real version of Mott will be excellent. Having said that, Wittrock was incredible as Dandy Mott and that is reason enough to see him playing Dandy's distant relative. The mystery of Evan Peters' character, however, has yet to be solved.

American Horror Story airs Wednesdays on FX. Who do you think Evan Peters will play next on Roanoke? Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.


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