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It seems many hardcore Tolkien fans probably haven't taken an immediate liking to 's The Hobbit character, Tauriel. Much like many characters added to 's The Hobbit Trilogy, Tauriel never appeared (or was even mentioned) in the original work of fiction.

Despite this, Lilly is doing her best to persuade fans that Tauriel is a worthwhile addition to the franchise. In the lengthy Entertainment Weekly interview (which you can watch in full here), Lilly explains her own love of Tolkien's works as well as steps she went through to prepare for the role. However, arguably her most interesting quote came right at the end of the interview. She stated:

She is one of the only characters in the film who is fighting for justice and truth, and I think that is the thing that sells me the most on Tauriel... A lot of people won't know, because it has no place in the film anymore — at one point it kind of did — but a part of Tauriel's backstory is that she is an orphan. Her parents were killed by orcs. Suddenly when you understand that you can understand how and why this girl became the lethal killing machine she is. How she became the head of the Elven Guard. How she got taken under Thranduil's wings and why she is so passionate about fighting back the evil that exists in Middle Earth. And I'm sorry, but if an orphan story doesn't win you over you've got a head of steel.

To which the moderator simply replied:

She's Batman.

Cue laughing all round.

Anyway, has Lilly impassioned defense of her character made you any more willing to accept new comers to the Tolkien family? Let us know below.


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