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Sophie Atkinson

Poor . It's got to suck doing PR for a sequel (The Wolverine) to a film which both critics and comic book fans roundly disliked. X-men Origins: Wolverine scored a lacklustre 38% on Rotten Tomatoes, though critics mostly agreed that Hugh Jackman had nothing to do with the film's failure. Nope, that had far more to do with the film’s gaping plot holes and a hero that couldn't feel pain or be killed, meaning the stakes were singularly low. While Jackman gave The Wolverine his all, he admitted that the first film had even disappointed him:

'I think for whatever reason, there were a number of things working against us at the time in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. We all put our heart and soul into it, I just honestly when I watched it I went, I still don't feel like we've really delivered who my vision of who this character is. I think we've got another shot at it.'

Hmmh. His incredibly vague reasons for the film's failure makes Jackman sound like he's being more tactful than truthful here, but you've got to applaud his trying not to hurt anyone's feelings. Jackman maintains that the new film is going to be the cat's pyjamas (though he would say that, wouldn't he?).

'I never thought my run would last this long. To be a guy who can't age, obviously there is a shelf life for playing this role, so I love it,' continues Jackman.

'I've always found it fascinating and slightly, I'll admit, frustrating that I feel we've never really delivered what I would say is the core of the character. I think in this story, you get to see the ultimate Wolverine. You get to see who he really is. You definitely see him at his most vulnerable, both physically and emotionally.'

Alright, Hugh, you've sold it to me - I'll give your hairy alter-ego just one more chance. Though I'm starting to suspect this is just an incredibly elaborate way of getting cinema-goers to fund your gym addiction... Are you guys excited for The Wolverine? Or will you be spending your hard earned dollar on a more entertaining superhero film this summer? Drop me a line below.


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