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Now, in the wake of the Academy Awards' recent, horrifyingly embarrassing envelope kerfuffle, it was no real surprise that the internet went absolutely nuts. After all, there's really no more prominent way to screw up the than by incorrectly allocating the Best Picture award, short perhaps of inadvertently giving Mel Gibson the validation of being welcomed back with open arms (whoops).

As it turns out, though, the internet furor was so strong, so loud, and so wide-reaching, that even a certain 94-year-old comic book legend began trolling them. Yup, that's right:

Even Stan Lee Made Fun Of The Oscars For 'Envelopegate'

What's more, it seems that the usually pretty chill was feeling a little snarky yesterday evening, since his chosen form of trolling was in the form of a No-Prize — 's classic not-a-reward for pointing out (and explaining away) canonical errors in the company's comic books. Indeed, for many a Marvel-loving kid growing up, the very idea of seeing your name in one of the hallowed letters pages — much less being given a rare and lofty No-Prize — was almost beyond comprehension.

Which is, of course, unlikely to be of much comfort to any comic book loving folks involved in this past Sunday's screw up, seeing as they just had to add Stan Lee to the list of "people making fun of us for the worst day of our professional lives," but there you go. That's...showbiz?

What do you think, though? Have we collectively made fun of the Oscars' monumental screw-up, yet? Let us know below!

Click the video below to see every Stan Lee cameo appearance in the MCU and then head over to Movie Pilot video to watch more.


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