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Mark Newton

For a big budget movie staring in a weird get-up, it seems the upcoming The Lone Ranger movie has been maintaining a bit of a low profile. That is until now. The directed Western has just released a brand new trailer filled with explosions, gun fire and trains. Lots and lots of trains. Check it out below:

(via IndieWire)

The trailer also gave us a glimpse of the plot behind this remake of the quaint 1950s TV show. Unsurprisingly, the Lone Ranger (), along with his Native American spirit warrior friend Tonto, will be trying to avenge the death of his beloved brother. Of course, this is fairly par for the course when it comes to Westerns. I think at one point in history, practically everyone west of the Mississippi River was motivated purely by revenge for a loved one. Still, although the plot might be a bit cliche, the locomotive action certainly looks like it's going to leave mouths agape when it arrives on July 3rd.

Has the Lone Ranger just become your most anticipated movie of the summer? Let me know below.


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