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If you're the kind of person who happens to be good at spotting hidden details while at the movies, you might be a pro hunter — but we mere mortals sometimes need a little nudge in the right direction when it comes to spotting that Big Hero 6 reference in , for instance. (Yes, there is one. Yes, it's epic.)

With that in mind, let's take a look at all of the major -themed Easter Eggs discovered in Moana so far. If you missed any of 'em, a second visit to the theater might be in order — as if you needed an excuse. Ready? Let's take a dive into the Polynesian blue and see what goodies turn up.

Marshmallow's Summer Vacay

Let's start with an obvious one. During the scene in which Maui (Dwayne Johnson) and Moana (Auli’i Cravalho) enter the Realm of Monsters, Maui's fish hook goes a little bit berserk, and suddenly he shapeshifts rapidly into a whole bunch of different creatures. One of them is Sven, the entirely adorable reindeer from .

Earlier in the movie, we see Chief Tui and a young Moana stood in front of a tapestry cloth emblazoned with a tribal interpretation of the snow monster Marshmallow, bodyguard to Elsa. Hey, even snowmen need a summer holiday sometimes.

(All images from 'Moana', via Disney)
(All images from 'Moana', via Disney)

Baymax-imum Impact

It may not be quite as iconic as Frozen, but it's nice to see the dedicated fanbase of Disney's Big Hero 6 catered to here with a sneaky visual homage. Check out the little guy with face-paint on nestled among the crowd of kakamora (outrageously cute coconut creatures who turn out to be a little menacing).


Honestly, I still want one. Or, like, twelve.

More Moana madness:

Check Yourself Before You Wreck-It Ralph

Did you stick around for the end credits, or leave the second they rolled? If the latter, you better check yourself because you missed a fun Wreck-It Ralph tribute. As with Marshmallow, Ralph has his own tapa cloth from the village of Motonui. Of course, he's flexing up a storm, because Ralph.


Ariel-y Cool Find

And, finally, seeing as Moana finds herself on an oceanic adventure, it'd be kinda cray-cray if we didn't get some kind of Little Mermaid Easter Egg (the two films even share the same director-duo). During the colorful visual montage that accompanies Maui's memorable song 'You're Welcome', who should briefly swim through the shot but Flounder, the cheery tropical fish who always has Ariel's back?

It's a super cute moment which highlights the awesome attention to detail of Moana. The crab Tamatoa, still stuck on his back during the film's post-credits scene, also references The Little Mermaid's Sebastian and his "cool Jamaican accent". Not that he's bitter or anything.


Which Moana Easter Egg was your favorite, and did you spot any more which we failed to discover?


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