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Are you bored of comic book movies? Just as the answer to that question was beginning to look perilous, the first superhero film of 2017 turned the genre on its head and offered something completely different to the mega-budget DC and Marvel sensory overloads which have taken over cinema.

I'm talking, of course, about , the X-Men movie which is not really an X-Men movie, or at least not by any previous definition. The familiar themes — humans vs. mutantkind, Wolverine's inner rage — were there, but this time presented differently. Logan didn't treat the audience like idiots, and for the X-Men franchise, it could be a complete game-changer.

Three months on, with Logan's home release just around the corner, various deleted scenes from the Blu-ray have hit the internet. Together, they present an image of how different Logan might have looked with just a few small changes, Easter Eggs and references, and badass character moments.

Watch all of the Logan deleted scenes below.

1. Suicide By Mind Control

Taken from the film's final act in the forest below Eden, this deceptively dark deleted scene starts out pretty cool, by having one of the mutant kids (unnamed, played by actor/martial artist Salef Celiz) mind-control a member of Dr. Rice's men into turning his gun on his fellow soldiers.

The mutant (who could be Tran Coy Manh, brother of Karma) acts out the shooting movements with his hands, like a puppet master — and then takes things really dark by having the soldier kill himself with a bullet to the head. This scene is pretty fucking awesome and I'd have been down to see it in the final cut of the movie.

2. Jean Grey, An Awkward Dinner, And A Very Confused Timeline

There are some things that shouldn't be said to strangers who just made you dinner and gave you a bed for the night, like "your potatoes are hard," or "Logan murdered Jean Grey." Which is exactly what Charles tells the Munson family as they dish up dinner just before the attack by X-24. It's beyond awkward.

For context, Kathryn is grilling "James" about whether he ever married, when Charles helpfully interjects: "She was a pupil at my school...Her name was Jean Grey. He killed her." Obviously that goes down like a lead balloon, and an uncomfortable silence settles over dinner before Logan explains that Charles is confused.

It's easy to see why this deleted scene didn't make the cut — not only does it change the mood of the sequence at the Munsons', which is meant to be a moment of respite before the trauma of Rice and X-24 finding Logan, but it also adds a massive amount of confusion to the already very confusing X-Men movie timeline.

While Logan is presumed to take place in the same timeline as the current X-Men team movies (the new timeline created by Days Of Future Past having erased the events of the original trilogy), Logan having killed Jean Grey himself would suggest the movie follows The Last Stand in continuity.

A simple explanation would be that only after this scene was shot did anyone realize what a massive plot hole that was, hence why it didn't make it.

Click here for your definitive, post-Logan X-Men movie timeline.

3. Even X-Men Get Speeding Tickets

In a brief scene which does a little to add to the general feeling of paranoia as Logan, Charles and Laura attempt to evade Dr. Rice and his men, a cop asks them to pull the car over. Turns out Logan was speeding. It's definitely filler.

Watch the deleted scene here.

4. Was Sabretooth Real?

Logan gets a reminder of the brother he'd probably rather stay forgotten when one of the kids at Eden presents him with a Sabretooth action figure and asks if he was real. Logan tells the young mutant that not everything from Laura's comics was fiction — Sabretooth was real.

There's a small hint at the Weapon X programme which created both Logan and Sabretooth, and then Logan falls asleep again. It's a nice moment which wouldn't really have enhanced the movie as we saw it in theaters.

Still Confused By The X-Men Timeline?

If you're one of the many who could use a little reminder of how exactly Logan fits into the timeline of X-Men movies, read our visual timeline or watch the video below.

You can get your copy of Logan on Digital HD and Blu-ray and watch all the deleted scenes in HD from May 23.

Which Logan deleted scene is your favorite, and was the Jean Grey easter egg cut to avoid creating timeline confusion?


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