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Warning: Prepare to feel a lot of Love Actually spoilers in your fingers and your toes!

Finally, after months of waiting, the United Kingdom was blessed with the release of the Love Actually reunion on March 24 — a 10-minute video in aid of Red Nose Day (also known as Comic Relief) that saw much of the cast make a bold return to some of their most beloved roles. Here's the trailer made in aid of a renowned fundraiser held every year to help kids in developing countries all over the world:

So, in celebration of the fact that love is all around and Hugh Grant's catchy bum wiggle is always only a short click away on YouTube, let's dive right into the best bits the featurette bestowed upon us 14 years after the original 2003 film:

1. Mark Is Finally Dating The Woman Of His Dreams

Following his disastrous infatuation with Juliet in the '00s, Mark returns to that famous doorstep once again.

As before, Kiera Knightley goes to open the front door with her husband Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor) left to watch the football in the living room. However, this time, the scene doesn't scream anguish and heavy heartbreak as it did all those years ago. Instead, Andrew Lincoln waltzes in and informs Juliet that he's found love in the glorious shape of supermodel Kate Moss. Isn't that lovely?

2. David And Natalie Are Still Together

'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Despite the fact that Natalie is incredibly clumsy and has been told by a horrible ex-boyfriend that she's got "legs like tree trunks," there's no stopping her from being the perfect girl for the British Prime Minister, now five years out of No. 10 Downing Street.

And instead of jiggling to a Girls Aloud mega hit, the reunion saw Grant shake his booty to Drake's "Hotline Bling" — arguably the best moment we've witnessed on British television in years.

3. Sam And Joanna Are Engaged

'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]

Years on, and Sam (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) is no longer making us deaf with his relentless drumming or threatening national security by running through tight airport security to get a peck on the cheek from the cool American girl in his class. Instead, it seems that little Sam's grown up and at the age of 26, is planning to marry her instead.

In the Love Actually reunion clip, we see Joanna (Olivia Olson) talking to Sam's step-dad Daniel (Liam Neeson) and asking for his son's hand in marriage.

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4. Jamie And Aurelia Have Three Kids

14 years on and Jamie and Aurelia are also married, share a large vehicle full of young offspring and apparently have another one on the way. And while we learn that although communication between them has probably improved, it appears that Colin Firth's character still hasn't mastered the Portuguese language despite having all those lessons.

The Love Actually Red Nose Day Special will premiere in the U.S. on NBC on May 25.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you?

'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]
'Love Actually' [Credit: Universal Pictures]


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