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Alisha Grauso

With Transformers: Age of Extinction due in theaters next year, 's Transformers series is once again the center of debate: Is it a great franchise because it's made a lot of money, or is it a terrible one because the quality of the script and directing is poor, regardless of how much money it's made?

I'll tell you which camp I'm in: Not the first. Lest this turn into a tangential rant about how Michael Bay needs to stop being handed work, I will just let the great folks over at CinemaSins on YouTube do it for me.

Their breakdown of what's wrong with Transformers is one of the best observations of the myriad number of things wrong with the franchise. And at just over seven minutes long, it's one of their lengthiest "Everything Wrong With..." installments yet. Perhaps because there's just so very much wrong? I'll let you be the judge:

So that. Pretty much all of that. And more.

So very, very much more.


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