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Mad Men creator very much is of the school of not giving too much away of his future enterprises. Hence, we can’t really go into great detail about what Don, Peggy and Pete are up to in Season 6. Still, there are a couple of interesting tidbits he and others have spread here and there.

First some formalities:

  • Mad Men comes back on April 7th with a two-hour ‘movie’, very much like Season 5. Weiner stated to the New York Times that this time it was AMC, who requested the super-sized episode — a request that suited him just fine. Twelve episodes will follow.

  • Season 6 will definitely be the show’s next-to-last, although Weiner would be open to a Breaking Bad-style splitting of the final season.

Now some rather vague plot information that could be considered mild spoilers.

- Don and Megan will be vacationing in Hawaii, where Don is reading Dante's _Inferno_ (of course).

- Weiner hinted at the possibility of Don returning to his philandering ways after his run at being the perfect husband. This isn't much of a spoiler, considering how Season 6 ended, and Weiner underlined the importance of that ending for the following season, [saying]( that he'd 'love' for everyone to rewatch those final moments as they'll influence what follows heavily.

- Betty [will be]( in season 6 'a bit' more than in the previous season.

- Two of the biggest rumors resulting from the controversial last season's story development were that Peggy () would leave the series as she left Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and that Pete Campbell () would commit suicide as his life pretty much goes down the drain. Weiner [debunked]( both rumors, even going so far as to rule out the suicide route for Pete completely.

There you go. Not very much but honestly we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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