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Despite the fact Fast & Furious 6 still hasn't finished its theatrical release, Universal are wasting no time in getting the engine started on Furious 7. So, to bring you up to speed with the sequel, we've decided to collate everything we know about Fast 7 in one place. This place! Obviously, if you do not want to know anything I'd suggest you stop reading now. That also goes for people who's yet to see Fast & Furious 6, we'll be discussing some pretty massive spoilers which affect Fast 7.

First things first: Fast 7 will begin production this summer with a new director at the helm. has completed his three movie run and now he's handed over the keys to the franchise to Saw and Insidious director . Although most (if not all) of Wan's directing experience is in horror, Lin feels confident he can carry on the franchise. He stated:

I don't know if James needs any advice because he’s a really good filmmaker. He has a point of view, and I think that's something that makes these films fun to do. Even though they're big, full of action, and it's big in scope, if you have a point of view that makes it fun and interesting.

Although the Fast & Furious series has visited some exotic places in its time, Fast 7 will reportedly return to its roots. We recently learned that the majority of the seventh film will be set in Los Angeles.

Another big question is: How much of the Fast 6 cast are returning? Well, I think it's safe to assume and are back on board, but what about ? Shortly after Fast 7 was announced there were suggestions Johnson would be unavailable due to a scheduling conflict with Hercules. Now, however, it seems that issue has been partially resolved. Producer Neal Moritz has explained The Rock will appear in Fast 7, although we do not yet know if it'll be a large role or simply a cameo. Moritz went on to explain one of the biggest hindrances to the Fast franchise was maintaining the storylines of all the characters:

I really think that people are really interested in these characters, and we’re lucky enough to have developed so many characters with so many storylines that the biggest hindrance of this franchise is the fact that we just don’t have enough screentime to service all the characters in this movie.

I think we'll have to wait and see what that exactly means.

Now, perhaps the biggest news of all concerns the ending of Fast 6 and the arrival of a new villain. Once again, if you do not want to be spoiled, stop reading now!

So, in the final scenes of Fast 6 we are transported back to Tokyo where a mysterious driver kills Tokyo Drift's Han in a well-executed and planned crash. Who should step out of the car to claim responsibility? It's none other than as Ian Shaw, the brother of Fast 6's villain. In the final shot, Ian calls up Dom and explains how the Fast & Furious crew are now on his automobile-kill-list.

Of course, this news must be the most exciting of all. Adding Statham to the cast will no doubt keep the franchise going even though it's now entered its seventh film.

That's about all we know at the moment about Fast 7. Make sure to [[follow]] the movie to be kept updated with more news as and when it arrives. In the meantime, why don't you tell me what you'd ideally like to see in Fast 7?


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