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MTV's The Shannara Chronicles will be back on our screens in a little over a month, and though the Season 2 premiere date is rolling closer and closer, there's still so much we don't know about the new season. We have a badass new trailer for the upcoming Season to keep us going until it premieres on MTV's sister channel Spike, but what's actually happening in The Four Lands now that our beloved Amberle is a tree and demons have been eradicated?

Keep reading to see everything we know about Season 2!

The Story So Far

'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]
'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]

So, before we make sense of the second season, let's back track a little to Season 1. The main plotline during the show's first season was the demise of the Ellcrys Tree - a powerful tree that held a captured demon in every leaf, keeping the Four Lands safe from harm. As the Ellcrys died, the fate of The Four Lands rested on three very young shoulders as Amberle, Will and Eretria sought to save the world from impending doom. It was a long and arduous journey that ended with Amberle sacrificing herself to the tree in order to save The Four Lands, leaving Eretia and Will completely alone.

Season 2, premiering on October 11th, will pick up a full year after these events, with The Four Lands once again in danger. Eretria and Will have been separated, with the former finding a new love interest and the latter neglecting his magical abilities in favor of becoming the healer he always sought out to be.

Like the first season, the second will also be split into 10 episodes, and as Eretria and Will find their fates and lives once again intertwined, a much bigger and all together more evil threat emerges.

Bandon 'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]
Bandon 'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]

Bandon, a Seer kid who was previously mentored by the all-powerful Druid Allanon, has well and truly gone to the dark side since the events of the Season 1. You’ll recall that while Allanon attempted to tutor the boy with the intention of training him to be the next Druid, the Dagda Mor had other ideas for the young Seer. He captured his mind, trapping it and keeping it out of Allanon’s reach. Though Allanon fought to get Bandon’s mind back, his efforts were in vain as by the end of the season Bandon had well and truly gone dark. His eyes were completely black and he’d escaped shortly after attacking Allanon and Catania.

Though Season 1’s big threat was the outpouring of Demons into The Four Lands, Season 2 will have more than one big bad. Bandon, showing no signs of ever being good again, will be one of those big bads as he sets out to raise an all-powerful evil named “The Warlock Lord”. Whether he succeeds will remain to be seen, but we’ve seen his power grow throughout Season 1. Free from anyone’s influence and a full year later, it won’t be surprising to see his abilities greatly improved from Season 1.

The Crimson: A Mysterious Group Hunting Down Magic Users

As mentioned, Season 2 won’t feature just one big bad. Instead, the threat will come from a variety of places. The Crimson are the latest big bads to join the show – an organization run by General Rigam who are actively hunting down magic users. Of course, we know of at least three magic users on the show who could possibly be in danger – and naturally, damsel-in-distress Will finds himself the first of the main cast to be hunted. Though he’s neglected his magical duty, it does nothing to dampen his actual abilities, and thus Will finds himself in trouble with The Crimson.

The Crimson come for Will. 'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]
The Crimson come for Will. 'The Shannara Chronicles' [Credit: MTV]

Little is known about The Crimson at this point, but we do know that they are incredibly organized and, in addition to hunting magic users, are responsible for causing discord between the races (Elves, Humans etc!). So, not only are they hunting people, but they could also be responsible for civil war in The Four Lands if the races become even more out of touch with one another.

All New Characters Join Shannara!

Though sadly Poppy Drayton won’t be returning full-time as Amberle (I did spy her briefly in the Season 2 trailer, perhaps in a flashback?), Austin Butler, Ivana Baquero, Aaron Jakubenko and Manu Bennett will all be returning in their roles as Will, Eretria, Ander (now King) and Allanon respectively. The newcomers to the cast play a mix of humans, royalty and elves, as Vanessa Morgan, Malese Jow, Gentry White, Caroline Chikezie and Desmond Chiam join the cast for the upcoming Season 2.

So we know who’s returning and who’s new, but what’s the deal with the characters they play? Here’s a rundown of newbies.

Malese Jow As Mareth

The Vampire Diaries’ very own Anna joins the cast of Shannara Season 2 as Mareth. Described as sharp, volatile and unpredictable, Mareth, like Will, has magic abilities. According to her bio, she’s not afraid to use them either. She’s headstrong and determined, brash and independent and crosses paths with Will when she saves him from a Crimson attack. Together, the two will eventually find themselves joining forces with Eretria in the fight to once again keep The Four Lands safe.

Vanessa Morgan as Lyria

Speaking of Eretria, since Amberle’s sacrifice and her separation from Will, our favourite little Rover girl is all out of love interests! Luckily, the mysterious and beautiful human Lyria is here to save the day as Vanessa Morgan joins Shannara Season 2 in an original role created purely for the show.

Beyond her inevitable relationship with Eretria (which will surely be complicated in some way, because nothing is ever easy with this show), not much is known about Lyria. Whether she’s a rover like Eretria, or merely a civilian of The Four Lands' only human kingdom, Leah is an unknown at this point. Here’s hoping that her character leaves more of a mark than simply being a love interest though. They’ll need all hands on deck to save The Four Lands, and the only damsel in distress we accept in the world of Shannara is Will, so she needs to make herself useful!

Caroline Chikezie As Queen Tamlin

Aside from the rovers, we actually didn’t see too many humans in The Four Lands back in Season 1, but Season 2 looks set to change all that. Caroline Chikezie joins the cast of Shannara Season 2 as Queen Tamlin – the ruler of the only human kingdom (Queendom?) in The Four Lands, known as “Leah”. She’s said to be a weapons manufacturer who secures an alliance with the elven kingdom. Though that may sound great, she’s also said to be incredibly manipulative and have a very strategic mind (two traits that don't sound great for a Queen who’s in charge of weaponry). Whether or not she’ll be friend or foe is unclear, but I suspect it’s the latter. Nevertheless, we’ll find out a lot more about the Queen on October 11th when Shannara returns.

Gentry White As Garet

Speaking of weapons, we find ourselves taking a closer look at our fourth newcomer, Garet, played by Gentry White. Known as “The Weapons Master”, Garet is a human character and a bounty hunter. He’s said to be sly, extremely skilled and motivated by money more than anything else, which leads to a whole host of questions.

Is he a bounty hunter for the Queen? Does he belong to Leah? If not, how much can he be bought for? Will he be friend or foe, and where to his true allegiances lie? All questions that we will find the answers to when Season 2 premieres. For now, let’s hope that Garet and Tamlin don’t join forces. A weapons manufacturer and expert working on the same side could spell a whole lot of trouble.

Desmond Chiam as General Rigam

Last but not least on the list of newcomers is Elf and General, Rigam, played by Desmond Chiam. A former soldier in Eventine’s army, General Rigam is now the all-powerful leader of The Crimson – the rogue organisation hunting down magic user. Like Lyria, not much I known about him beyond his role as leader of The Crimson, however we can possibly expect some tension between himself and the Queen. Though he is likely an Elf (having served in Eventine’s army), and the Queen forms an alliance with the Elven community, his position as leader of The Crimson likely means that he has turned his back on most of the Elven community. It’s entirely possible and plausible that as leader of The Crimson – who are actively causing discord among the races – he is not apart of the Elven / Human alliance. The actions of his faction in causing discord among the races, likely won’t go down too well with the Queen.

So that's it, everything we know about Season 2 in preparation for its premiere! Though The Four Lands seems as though it'll be in a constant state of danger, you can count on a team of unlikely adolescent heroes to always pull through and save the world. This is after all, without a constant threat and a bunch o' kids to save the day, where would the genre go?

Be sure to check out the official Season 2 promo below if you haven't already!

The Shannara Chronicles returns October 11th on Spike, will you be watching?

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