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Enchanted was a clever live-action fairy tale released by Disney back in 2007, with the company poking a little fun at itself as well as bringing realness to an otherworldly life. With two charming romantic interests in Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden, as well as a perfect princess Giselle in Amy Adams, the movie was a box office hit and quickly became a classic, with talks of a sequel frequently being discussed.

Now, nearly 10 years later, it seems as though the film is finally back on track, with Adam Shankman agreeing to direct the film. He has worked on Disney films in the past, as well as the musical Hairspray, so him taking over as the director seems like a good fit. What else do we know about the sequel so far?

Is There An Official Title Yet?

Original vs. Sequel:

  • Original title: Enchanted
  • Sequel title: Disenchanted
  • Original director: Kevin Lima
  • Sequel director: Adam Shankman

Yes. Well, no. Sort of? Disney has already previously confirmed the working title is Disenchanted. But remember, working titles often change later in the production process — consider them placeholder titles. Whether or not Disenchanted will be the final, theatrical title remains to be seen, but for now, that's what it is.

What Cast Members Are Returning?

Original Cast:

  • Amy Adams — Giselle
  • Susan Sarandon — Queen Narissa
  • Patrick Dempsey — Robert Philip
  • James Marsden — Prince Edward
  • Timothy Spall — Nathaniel
  • Idina Menzel — Nancy Tremaine

The first movie featured a superstar cast, and it appears likely that at least half of them will return to reprise their roles from the original. While Patrick Dempsey hasn't confirmed that he would like to return, his two co-stars Amy Adams and James Marsden have shown an interest in the film.

Amy has mentioned to E! News that:

"They've been talking about it for a while, so I really embrace and look forward to what they do and hope to be involved."

James, as well, expressed his own shock that the project hadn't moved forward sooner

“I don’t understand why they never did it. It was a very successful movie.”

Obviously, you'd think that Amy Adams would have to be on board for a sequel, as well as the other two. With two out of three ready and willing to do it, it looks like most of the core cast (if not all) will return.

Do We Know Any Plot Details?

How could a movie that was tied up so perfectly in the end possibly be matched? As a fan of the original, I think that it can be done, but it will have to be with great care. At the moment, the plot takes place 10 years after the original film, which is perfect, as that is how long it will have been when filming begins. Giselle will be questioning her happy ending and whether or not this is something that she wants. Because of this, things start to go a little crazy in both the real world and Andalasia, the animated land she is from.

See Also:

Given that Robert, Dempsey's character, is a divorce lawyer and has presumably been through one divorce already, this is kind of a sad thought. The two characters had brought something new to one other — her bringing magic back in his life, and he bringing the grounded realism that she needed when she ended up in the real world. Can true love's kiss be enough to fix the problems that they will seemingly face so many years later?

While it is a plot that is similar to others, Disney has always been able to bring their own twist to old stories. The film should offer us a new take on the age-old question: "What happens after 'happily ever after?'"

The production is slated to begin before summer of 2017, so we can guess it might be mid to late spring. Here is hoping that there will be another happy ending for Giselle and Robert, as well as the residents of Andalasia.


Are you excited for 'Enchanted 2'?

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