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***Major spoilers for the Sons of Anarchy finale follow, so if you don't want it spoiled, don't read on!***

Sons of Anarchy is one of FX's most beloved television series to date, and arguably one of the best shows ever. In its seven short seasons (okay, maybe not that short), it quickly grew a loyal fanbase, and almost every die-hard fan soon wanted a motorcycle of their own. Almost every fan however, was devastated by the 's end. But after some time, people grew to understand and love the show even more, regardless of that end. Which was:

Charlie Hunnam's character, Jax Teller's, death

It was indeed horrifyingly terrible, but it was symbolic and poetic as well.

and the show's creator, , butted heads for a while after Hunnam read the script and saw that his character passed away, but both came to an agreement about it, and they decided it was better off if the character, Jax, died. So here we are. But with successful shows going on to have spinoff shows of their own, could SoA get the spinoff treatment?

What Are The Rumors?

Even before the show's end it had been long rumored that there was to be a spin-off series. Well, there have been a few rumors — two to be exact — that even had some substance, and one of those seemed to be green-lit a while back. In May of this year it was confirmed that FX Networks had begun development on the long-rumored Mayans spin-off series, called Mayans MC. Sutter will be co-creating and executive producing, and Elgin James (Little Birds) would be doing the show.

Kurt Sutter says he brought James on board because he

wanted to find a strong, unique Latino voice. I didn’t think a white guy from Jersey should be writing about Latin culture and traditions. Elgin is that voice.

Who Is Elgin James?

The kind of funny but sad thing is that James’ bio reads like the story of a SoA character. He was homeless as a teenager, was a fixture in Boston’s hardcore punk scene, then helped found a multi-ethnic national street gang that targeted neo-Nazi skinheads and drug dealers.

After spending a decade and a half in the gang, James left Boston for Los Angeles where he entered the Sundance Institute Feature Film program. His directorial debut, Little Birds (starring Juno Temple and Leslie Mann), premiered in competition at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. A few months later James began serving a prison sentence for a past gang-related charge of federal extortion. Little Birds was released in 2012 by Millennium Entertainment and the film won a National Board of Review award.

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So, What Do We Know About Mayans MC As Of Now?

We know that Elgin James wrote the pilot, which has already been pitched as a “dark, visceral family drama that takes a new look at the most American of icons, the 1% outlaw, this time reflected through a Latino lens,” and we can expect it to be action packed. Sutter and James have finished the script and the show should go into production sometime next year, in 2017. Emilio Rivera will return and play president of the Mayans, Marcus Alvarez.

Nothing of the initial plot has been released, but around September, it was said that it would definitely be a prequel, but possibly bounce back and forth between the time period from the ending of SoA and the 60's.

But wait, that sounds way to much like...

What About 'The First 9?'

Kurt Sutter has talked many times about the possibility of a series (tentatively titled The First 9) that branches out from the central Sons of Anarchy story, and as a prequel series about SAMCRO's originations. The First 9 would follow Jax Teller's father, J.T., as the man in charge. Sutter has also said that he wanted to take a few years away from that SoA world before heading back for more. He launched a new show last season, The Bastard Executioner, but it never caught on and the plug was quickly pulled so The First 9 could still be a possibility regardless of what happens with the Mayans MC.

But still, there's not much info out there about either spinoff. Just know that we will indeed be getting the Mayans MC series, but when it will be taking place is still unknown. Until then, we can keep speculating and waiting, or we can rewatch all of Sons of Anarchy again, your choice.

So what do YOU think? Are you excited for some more SoA material or do you think the time has passed?

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