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After a long break, we are finally getting Savitar back on The Flash. Unfortunately, we are still stuck with Earth-19 Wells, despite having seen Earth-2 Wells back in action during the past two episodes.

It looks like this episode will debut Savitar's costume rather than relying upon CGI, like The Flash has done in Season 3 so far. It also appears that Savitar will use Wally West — to whom he gave speed as Alchemy — to start causing problems again. Perhaps Wally will be Savitar's way of getting the Philosopher's Stone out of the Speed Force. We know that Alchemy is back in action, and are assuming the stone must be as well. Surprisingly, Team Flash didn't seem too concerned about tracking down the stone and hiding it again, but perhaps Savitar appealing to Wally through his dreams is the reason why the stone came back from the Speed Force.

With back in the mix again, there are many questions that still remain about Savitar and who he is. While I admittedly have no strong working theory about what's going on here, I do have a few ideas. It seems that throughout , and even in Legends of Tomorrow, the writers are throwing a lot at us. We were introduced to Flashpoint, Earth-19, the Philosopher's Stone, Savitar, a message from Barry in the year 2056, and a future in which Savitar kills Iris. What if all of these things are somehow connected?

The Earth-19 Connection

At one point, Jay Garrick described Savitar as a being that would challenge speedsters of other Earths. The show has been suggesting that Savitar originates on Earth-1, but it's possible that he actually came from Earth-19.

Earth-19 always kind of felt random, but it's possible that it was introduced because it was the home world of Savitar. Savitar eventually left that Earth and traveled throughout the multiverse. This caused problems because it attracted inter-dimensional threats to Earth-19, which is why Earth-19 eventually cracked down on that and have heroes that are obsessed with taking down and executing breachers.

Savitar likely conquered that Earth before in the past. As he traveled throughout the multiverse, Earth-19 recovered and now has Accelerated Man, someone who likely would have been destined to be defeated by Savitar in the future. However, a future version of Barry fought with Savitar and forced Savitar to travel back in time, where he is now.

Future Barry From 2056 Caused All This

During his little pep talk, Savitar tells team Flash that he was trapped in "eternity" by Barry's future self.

This probably means that Savitar was once a great tyrannical speedster that traveled throughout time and the multiverse, conquering worlds and killing speedsters. He was insanely powerful. At one point, Barry Allen from 2056 decided he needed to stop Savitar, so he fought him, battling him in and out of the Speed Force. Eventually, Barry got the upper hand and trapped Savitar in the Speed Force. As seen in Season 2, the Speed Force is on Barry's side.

The Speed Force is on Barry's side, as seen in Season 2 Episode 21 [Credit: arrow.wikia]
The Speed Force is on Barry's side, as seen in Season 2 Episode 21 [Credit: arrow.wikia]

But there were consequences. When 2056 Barry returned to his future, he quickly learned that things were different. Savitar discovered a way of seeing and interacting with reality from the Speed Force. He found a blindspot in Barry's past — Flashpoint. As a result of this transition between two drastically different timelines, Savitar realized that he could form a new timeline for Barry to return to from Flashpoint in order to create the conditions necessary for him to return from the Speed Force to reality.

He did this by appealing to Julian and getting him to find the Philosopher's Stone (a copy of which exists on many Earths in the multiverse) and becoming Alchemy. Alchemy then tweaked the timeline — for example, he ensured that Dante would die and that Julian would be involved in Barry's life.

When I first heard that message, I assumed that 2056 Barry was referring to Flashpoint, as it was suggested in that episode. In hindsight, why would future Barry Allen from 2056 be telling the team about a mistake he'd made 40 years prior? Listening to it again, I'm starting to think that 2056 Barry might have been the one that traveled into the past and did something — probably something that was necessary to put Savitar away in eternity. 2056 Barry Allen realized that things got messed up as a result of his actions and decided to warn the Legends about this because they were in and out of the temporal zone.

These changes could eventually result in Barry turning evil at some point as a result of Savitar targeting 2056 Barry's past self. It would make sense for The Flash to have Barry become a Big Bad at some point. This could be what 2056 Barry was particularly concerned about. He knew that Invasion would soon draw the Legends into the new timeline – the current TV show timeline.

'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

As a result of being in this new timeline, the Legends may have to face off against an evil Barry at some point in the future and 2056 Barry wanted to warn them. It's possible that he even supplied Rip Hunter with speedster weapons to prevent them from being killed by evil Barry. In other words, current Barry didn't screw things up with time travel. 2056 Barry did. The show was trying to imply that current Barry messed things up to throw us off that scent.

Here's a brief overview of what I believe are the primary timelines explored in The Flash. Please note that this does not include minor timelines such as Barry ghosting during his first major clash with Weather Wizard or Vandal Savage. It also doesn't include Barry traveling back in time to see his mother in the Season 1 finale.

This is basically what I believe is going on here.
This is basically what I believe is going on here.

It's super confusing. From my interpretation of what's going on, there has been some inconsistent use of time travel. There are holes in this storytelling but I believe this is what they are going for.

Basically, Savitar is a problem that comes from 2056 Barry Allen. That version of Barry trapped Savitar in the Speed Force (which is why Savitar can only interact with speedsters). The Speed Force was unwilling to allow Savitar to return (unlike what they did with Barry in Season 2), and as a result, Savitar needed to develop a plan to escape from the Speed Force. He found a weak point in Barry's history – Flashpoint. He changed things so that — while Barry was transitioning from Flashpoint back to the timeline he came from — Barry would actually find himself in a different timeline.

'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Flash' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

It probably sounds crazy but it's the best theory I have at the moment. Season 3 has been very confusing thus far and very difficult to read into.

The Reverse Flash Is Facing The Same Problem

The Reverse Flash warned Barry in Episode 1 that they had a common enemy: time. Ironically, they both did things to turn time against them. Thawne traveled back in time from his timeline of origin (a timeline in which the particle accelerator went off in 2020 — Thawne killed Wells to speed up that process) and killed Barry's mother. The memory collapses from that time jump created a radically different timeline that likely entrapped him in the current TV show timeline. He needed a speedster to help him fix things, and because there were no others around, he was forced to train Barry. However, things didn't go well and he got erased from existence. This is why he is being hunted by the Black Flash.

When Barry traveled back in time and saved his mother — an attempt to restore what would have been the original timeline — he experienced similar issues because the timeline was so radically different from the one he came from. By doing this, Barry set the Reverse Flash loose on the timeline. He likely tweaked things a bit to make further corrections to the timeline, but the Black Flash caught wind of him and the Reverse Flash had to back off. This also created an opening for Savitar to go after Barry. Savitar was probably imprisoned in the Speed Force by future Barry and Flashpoint created an opening for Savitar.

Savitar's Name Is Dallas

At this point, I think that it is likely that Savitar will kill Iris. Because he is inside the Speed Force, he can manipulate time to further his agenda. Despite seeing the future, Barry will unlikely be able to prevent Savitar from achieving his ultimate goal. This could be wishful thinking, as I do want to see Barry turn evil. After destroying Barry's future by killing Iris, Savitar will weaken the Speed Force, freeing himself from 2056 Barry's trap.

At one point in that video, we seemingly hear Barry refer to Savitar as "Dallas," Savitar's actual name. Hopefully, at some point, we'll get more of Savitar's backstory.


What Do You Think About This Theory?

Do you have any other information to add to this theory about Savitar? How about theories for how the rest of Season 3 will play out?


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