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For months, fans of the iconic, Joan-Collins-led soap Dynasty have been sharpening their talons in preparation for the release of The CW reboot on October 12, 2017. And once the modern-day take on the bitch-slapping '80s feud drops on the streaming service, we can certainly anticipate the series being an epic catfight like no other. If you haven't yet, drop everything you're doing, grab your fake pearls and lay into the sizzling trailer below:

It's been decades since we saw the original collision of giant bouffants, sequin embellishments and statement shoulder pads, so it's safe to say that 2017's reboot will be a certain departure from the show we all know and love. But, what really lies in store?

Ahead of the greatly-anticipated release, here's everything you need to know about The CW's latest offering.

1. The Location Shift

Despite the fact that the drama follows the well-known '80s premise — with heiress Fallon Carrington learning that her billionaire father Blake is engaged — one sharp contrast with the original is the location.

Shifting the storyline of revenge and betrayal from Denver to Atlanta, long considered to be the business hub of the South, the family business is now called Carrington Atlantic. Dealing with "power," the company now concerns itself with unashamedly fracking its way through Native American reservations.

2. No OGs Will Be Taking Part

Unlike the TNT reboot of Dallas back in 2012, this brand-spanking new Dynasty won't be seeing any familiar faces gracing us with their presence. So, if you're expecting to feast your eyes on Heather Locklear or Linda Evans, prepare to be disappointed.

Having said that though, the original creators of the show — Esther and Richard Shapiro — have stepped in as executive producers to ensure that the reboot does the original justice. And apparently, there will be references to Joan Collins aplenty. Grant Show, who plays Blake Carrington, recently revealed:

"We refer to her a lot. She's mentioned by name in the first episode. If not in person, she is definitely there in spirit all the time."

3. 'Gossip Girl' 2.0

'Dynasty' [Credit: The CW]
'Dynasty' [Credit: The CW]

As The O.C. and Gossip Girl creators Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage are at the helm of the Dynasty reboot, fans have naturally been quick to pick up on similarities between the two shows — after all, both do follow the decadent lives of some of America's wealthiest families.

Recently, actress Elizabeth Gillies — who plays Fallon — weighed in on the suggestion that her new show was a Gossip Girl 2.0, saying:

"These families, the Carringtons and Colbys, there’s nothing that they can’t get. There’s nothing that they don’t have, but they’re not happy. They want to escape in this beautiful world of champagne, and private jets, but when the lights go down, and all the characters are alone in their rooms at the end of the night, the dysfunction is still there."

Then, addressing assumptions that she's our new Blair Waldorf, she said:

"Fallon acts like a 50-year-old woman most of the time, where Blair, I think, was mature for her age, but very much her age. That's one thing I think will separate us. Thank god, because they're big shoes to fill. There are parallels within the characters. [But] don’t try to compare me to [Leighton Meester], because I might not live up to everyone’s expectations of being as good as Blair Waldorf. She’s a legend."

4. Diversity's The Word

Bringing some much-needed diversity to the cast, modern-day Dynasty has revamped many of the show's original personalities with people of color. For starters, Blake Carrington (Grant Show) is now married to the Venezuelan Cristal Flores (played by Peruvian actress Nathalie Kelley) and the Colbys are of African American descent.

In addition to this, show have transformed Sammy Jo Carrington — originally played by Heather Locklear — into a gay man (played by James Mackay.) Speaking of the transition towards sexual acceptance and how homosexuality isn't a controversial talking point this time around, Schwartz recently said:

"The relationship between Blake and Steven is not about sexuality. Steven is confidently gay, Blake accepts him."

While the rich list in Gossip Girl were all white, cisgender and heterosexual, people of color and gay storylines are a welcome, and long-awaited, addition in the Dynasty reboot.

5. There Will Be No Promotion Of Woman-On-Woman Hate

'Dynasty' [Credit: The CW]
'Dynasty' [Credit: The CW]

There's no other way around it, the '80s original essentially sourced its drama from pitting women against one another, often sparring over a man. However, 2017's Dynasty will not be promoting this petty form of woman-on-woman rivalry. Instead, here we have two ambitious women who are fighting over supremacy in the family's company. Schwartz explained:

"Both of these women are ambitious career women [...] they want to run this business. Having Crystal have a more senior role in the company, not just being the secretary, makes her more credible of vying for control of this company with Fallon."

That's not to say that physical catfights aren't going to be making an appearance. Actress Kelley chimed in to put to rest the gender inequality problem with on-screen female-on-female spats, saying:

"Here’s how I justify it — if modern women today are fighting rightfully so for equal pay, why can’t we also have the right to fight with men? Why should we be less feminine or less as women when we fight? That’s my feminist take on why we pull each other’s hair out!"

6. Fashion, Baby!

Just like in the '80 series, fashion will play a big part in the aesthetic. And we know it's going to be good, considering that Meredith Markworth-Pollack is in charge of the clothing rack. Most notably, she's known as the assistant costume designer on Gossip Girl and as the head designer on Reign, being the talented mastermind behind those decidedly modern Elizabethan gowns.

As for a tribute to the original show's closet — filled to the brim with padded shoulders, flamboyant power suits and puffed lace sleeves — Markworth-Pollack said:

"The original style was such an iconic moment in ’80s fashion I couldn’t not acknowledge it. Plus, I know so many of the diehard fans of the original will be tuning in to see what we’re doing. But the show also has to feel current and stand alone for the young viewers that don’t even know what Dynasty is. There are some Easter eggs for the original fans that I think they will appreciate, and tons of current trends for the new fans that I think they’ll enjoy."

Dynasty will air on Netflix on October 12, with new episodes being released on a weekly basis.

Will you be watching Dynasty?

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