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(WARNING: This article contains spoilers for The Flash S3E19, Supergirl S2E18, and The Flash comic book series.)

As we approach the upcoming Season 3 finale of The Flash, the future of Iris West (Candice Patton) becomes increasingly unsettling and unpredictable. The entire season has revolved around her impending death, but will Savitar be the one who kills her? While we brace ourselves for what could or could not happen, let's take a look at everything we need to know about the girl who has Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) running around in circles.

Iris West Dies In The Comics, But Not At The Hand Of Savitar

That’s right, has yet another speedster to watch out for! In The Flash Vol 1 #275 "The Last Dance," Iris West is murdered at a masquerade party by Reverse-Flash, who lets Clive Yorkin take the blame. That may just mean the death of Barry's fiancé on The CW is inevitable. However, the writers are known to stray away from their original inspirations to keep even comic book fans on their toes.

It does not seem as though Candice Patton has plans to leave the show any time soon, but that could mean anything in the . Her death could also happen in a later season, if it does not occur in Season 3. As Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) once told Barry Allen, "Guys like us don't get the girl."

She Embraced The Idea Of Her Death

Iris West has some guts. Yes, technically speaking, everyone has guts, but, Ms. West has metaphorical guts and actual ones — a true double threat. When Iris learned of her own murder, she ran towards death faster than even Barry Allen could.

During a confrontation with an arms dealer, Iris confidently walked up to him, said "Yeah, I don't think so," and aimed his loaded gun at her own chest. She basically dared him to pull the trigger and lived to survive. In case you were wondering, she is not bulletproof, she is just…

A Total Bad Ass

She may not be an invincible alien with superpowers, a member of The League of Assassins, or made of frost, but do not underestimate Iris West. She may have been overlooked prior to becoming the focus of the Season 3 plot, but she has shown time and again that she will stop at nothing and never shies away from danger. If anything, she goes looking for it and will get her hands dirty if need be.

She's A Working Girl

Iris spends her days being emotionally and physically drained. Her routine involves fighting crime, avoiding her probable death, and staying strong for her family (including Barry). You’d think she would want to plop on a couch or ask Barry to give her a quick world tour. Not Iris.

Once Central City and her loved ones are all safe, Iris basically pulls a “Bye Felicia” and goes to write her articles as an investigative journalist. Central City Picture News had better give this girl a raise, or at the very least employee of the month.

She Shouldn’t Even Exist Yet

Everyone always dismisses Iris West for not being a meta-human, a scientific genius, or a detective. Little do they know she is just as special. Iris is actually from the future, more specifically, the 30th century. Brian Webster mused on how The CW should reveal her history through a crossover with Legends of Tomorrow in which the Legends are responsible for bringing her to Barry's time as an infant.

Yes, That Also Means She Was Adopted

Though casting has done their best to make the West family seem blood-related, that does not mean that they definitely are. The show could decide to keep them that way but someone may have to break the news to Wally West that he never had a sister after all. Though, at this point, she will remain his sister regardless. It's going to take a lot more than a secret adoption to break the West family apart.

Her Sass Is On Point

Iris’s lines mostly consist of pep talks, but she still manages to slip in the occasional sarcastic comment or punch line.

Barry Allen: "We're gonna need all the help we can get. Can you talk to Joe, see if he can rally CCPD?"

Iris West: "Yeah, yeah, I'll let him know that an army of sentient gorillas is about to storm the city. He's gonna love that."

The Flash And Supergirl Better Watch Out

The superheroes are just a short trance or musical alternate reality away from losing their chéris. That may sound extremely unlikely, but it’s The CW — they dare to defy. In the recent musical crossover between the DCEU shows and (let's be real) Glee, a few unlikely romances were explored. Namely, Iris West coupled with Kara Danvers’s (Melissa Benoist) new beau, Mon-El former Prince of Daxamite (Chris Wood). Though it was an awkward scenario never to be repeated, it was fun to see Iris West being a total flirt and having multiple daddies. Yes, multiple.

Joe West & Martin Stein: "You got a problem with that?"

Before She Knew Who Arrow Was, She Had A Huge Crush On Oliver Queen

Barry Allen was introduced in Arrow, so he knew Oliver Queen before Season 1 of The Flash even aired. During a crossover episode in which Mr. Queen appeared at CC Jitter’s, Iris West completely lost it when she was introduced to the man on her "Three List" (i.e. her list of three guys she was allowed to cheat on Eddie with).

Iris West: "Oh my god, he's even more handsome in person and his arms are like twice the size of yours!"

Barry Allen: "Technically, they're not TWICE the size."

Careful not to ever get stuck in another timeline or parallel universe, Barry Allen, because Iris West may just have a backup superhero lover in mind.

If It Weren't For Iris West, The Flash May Not Even Exist

Iris may not have given Barry his powers, but her presence in his life during his parents' murder was crucial. Iris has been alongside Barry every step of the way. A mere glimpse into the future was enough to prove the direct correlation between Ms. West's existence and that of the superhero. If it weren't for her (and of course Joe West), The Flash could have been led down a completely different path. Some could even say he would be a Reverse-Flash.

Iris West: "He dodges everything, literally with this super-speed power. When he moves, Barry, you-you don't even see him. He comes and goes in the blink of an eye, in a..."

Barry Allen: "Flash?"

Iris West: "In a flash. Yeah."


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