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It’s not unusual for fans to be hyped for a season finale, but for devoted fans of one of the best shows on television, this time that hype is served with a side of sadness. For four exceptional seasons we’ve followed Captain Flint, Long John Silver and a number of remarkable pirates throughout their journeys from notorious thieves to the most feared individuals in the Caribbean. Unfortunately the time has come for the last hurrah. This Sunday we will see the last and final episode of Black Sails, but before embarking on one final voyage, here is everything you need to know to completely enjoy the last outing.

The Alliance & The Failed Invasion Of Nassau

'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]
'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]

In Season 4 we picked up with a pirate alliance comprised of Captain Flint (Toby Stephens), Long John Silver (Luke Arnold), Jack Rackham (Toby Schmitz), Anne Bonny (Clara Paget), Billy Bones (Tom Hopper), Blackbeard (Ray Stevenson) and a collective of maroons led by the fearless Madi (Zethu Dlomo). Their objective was clear: to invade and take back control of Nassau. Against their efforts stood governor Woodes Rogers (Luke Roberts) with the counsel of his now-wife Eleanor Guthrie (Hannah New) and the exceptional Max (Jessica Parker Kennedy), whose expert-level management of many businesses in Nassau sustained the once-pirate city.

While Flint, Silver and Madi prepared to attack by ship, Billy was already in Nassau building an army from within, while at the same time creating the myth of Long John Silver and eulogizing him as an unstoppable force of nature. Billy hoped that with the return of Silver to the island, the rest of the population would join their rebellion. Unfortunately things didn’t go as planned.

Max had notified governor Rogers of Flint’s strategy and completely destroyed their ships before the pirates could even touch sand. With no ship and low spirits among the alliance, Flint directed the fault to Billy, who was responsible for Flint's ship safe passage. The dissonance between Billy and Flint escalated quickly and after the alliance was unsuccessful in freeing a plantation of slaves, bullets were shot from both sides. This caused slave owners from different plantations to react by punishing their own slaves. Again, Billy was blamed. Still, everything was not lost, or so it seemed.

Th Fall Of Blackbeard

'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]
'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]

Blackbeard, Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny were still on route to Nassau to confront the governor and Eleanor Guthrie, but the governor was already fighting a battle of his own. While speaking with Eleanor, Rogers revealed that he was in serious financial debt, with no support of the English Crown to aid in his anti-piracy endeavors. It is here when Eleanor proposes to her husband that she travels to Philadelphia where she would talk to her grandfather, the wealthiest man in the state, to ask for his backing. Rogers accepted, but there was a problem tormenting the seas: Blackbeard was already in Nassau.

To create an opening for Eleanor to leave the island, Rogers boarded a ship and sailed away in hopes that Blackbeard would follow. And so he did. Unfortunately for Rogers, Eleanor was unable to board a ship to Philadelphia due to the rising pirate factions along the docks and when Flint, Silver and Billy stormed Nassau’s center, she and the rest of the loyal officials of the governor locked themselves in Nassau’s fort. Meanwhile on the sea, Blackbeard and Rogers finally faced each other in combat.

Unfortunately for the pirates, Blackbeard was defeated, tortured and killed. Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny became prisoners of the governor aboard his ship.

The Deal For Nassau

'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]
'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]

When all seemed lost for the pirates at Nassau an unexpected offer was made. Eleanor Guthrie presented Flint and Silver with a deal: the missing Spanish Urca gold for the complete control of Nassau. A decision was made and Flint accepted the deal. Silver wasn’t on board, but with confidence in his words Flint asked for his trust. The only issue here was that the gold was safely kept at Maroon island, so for the deal to work, Flint was taken prisoner as collateral until the gold was delivered. While this was going on, a small slave rebellion was transpiring in a remote Nassau plantation.

The slaves succeeded, but their trust in the pirates was broken. To regain their trust, Silver apprehended Billy and gave him to the slave rebellion, who then tortured him for his earlier role in the island-wide punishment of the plantation slaves.

At this time, with no navy to aid his war, Woodes Rogers traveled to Havana where he begged the Spanish governor for help. To win him over Rogers only asked and promised one thing, respectively: the destruction of Nassau in the name of order and the protection of civilization and the promise of their lost treasure, the Urca gold.

Simultaneously, Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny were able to escape imprisonment and reached Nassau. Eleanor Guthrie’s wishes to retrieve the Urca gold was adhered when she, Madi and Flint agreed to make the exchange on a remote location on the island. Along the way also came Max. Coincidentally, instead of welcoming the Urca gold from Maroon island, the foursome found Jack Rackham. It is here when everything goes berserk.

The Destruction Of Nassau & The Skirmish At Skeleton Island

'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]
'Black Sails' [Credit: Starz]

Governor Rogers and his new Spanish allies arrived at Nassau with an armada of ships and downright obliterated the island city. Unbeknownst to Rogers, among the dead due to the Spanish intervention was his wife, Eleanor Guthrie. Madi was also believed to be dead and here starts the beginning of the end of Flint and Long John Silver’s friendship.

When Rogers discovered his dead wife, he completely lost it. Almost miraculously, Billy survived and sided with the governor, creating a plan to rid of Flint and Long John Silver once and for all. It was simple, either the pirates relinquished the Urca gold or Madi was going to be executed. Silver didn’t hesitated and agreed to the governor’s demands. Now, to make the exchange, they had to rendezvous at the mysterious Skeleton Island.

While this was going on, Max, Anne Bonny and Jack Rackham traveled to Philadelphia to gather support from the Guthrie family, and they succeeded. But in order for the three to win the full support of the Guthries, Jack was ordered to kill Captain Flint. Max also confessed to Anne that she had declined the Guthries because she wasn't going to let them interfere with her love for her.

With Flint, Silver and governor Rogers all in Skeleton Island, the exchange was about to go down, but again, things didn’t go as planned. In an act of desperation, Flint with a new partner stole the Urca gold and escaped with it to the jungles of Skeleton Island. When Silver went after them and confronted Flint, he was about to be killed by Flint's new partner. Astonishingly, Flint saved Silver’s life by killing his new partner, but at a terrible cost: his partner was the one who buried the Urca gold somewhere in Skeleton Island. On the other side of Skeleton island the governor had also destroyed the last pirate ship.

Now Flint and Silver are back where they started with no exact location of the Urca gold and Madi’s life is once again on the line. The governor has shown to have no remorse and Billy is now on his side. Jack Rackham is also on the way to the showdown. The season finale is about to be one hell of a ride.

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