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Since the moment and announced that they were getting a reunion that didn't have anything to do with weddings, we've been wondering whether an internship at Google really is better than living in a fairytale...

Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and jobseekers - the movie to represent generation intern has finally arrived. We present 's The Internship...

If you aren't up to scratch on the movie yet, here's the lowdown: Two professional salesmen lose their jobs and manage to snag internships at Google HQ, despite being total luddites. Of course, hijinks ensue.

Check out these awesome stills of the stars, in case you were still confused about the intern part:

And here's the trailer to get you in the mood, hitting all the comedic notes at just the right time:

Fist-bumping and sexual innuendos? Well, when you throw middle-aged men into the mix with twenty-somethings to the job of a lifetime, you can expect some sophomoric pranks.

Tell you what, Google's head office looks awesome. And, WOW. Google has a table-tennis table? Right in its office? That anyone can use whenever they want? And Google even lets Vince Vaughn dance on a table while a crowd of admirers look on adoringly? I'm in.

This exclusive Moviepilot interview will tell you not all internships are as rich in delightful pranks as this one. Check out five minutes of joy with some of the chirpy cast members relaying their previous employment blunders:

Legendary The Big Lebowski star will also be joining Vaughn and Wilson as their big boss, and Bridesmaids star is set to be romancing Owen Wilson's character (HR will surely have some paperwork for them to fill out).

Do Vince and Owen make an important comment on the dubious ethics of unpaid workers? Nope. Does this look like it's going to tick all the right comedy boxes? Hell YES it does!

Will you be checking out The Internship when it arrives in theaters June 7th?



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