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If there was any EA game that I would want turned into a movie, Dead Space would be high up on the list. Luckily, we know that Mass Effect is definitely happening. Now, Deadline is reporting there's another one to add to the list: Dante's Inferno with Evil Dead's in talks to direct. Okay then.

Dante's Inferno didn't really do well in the sales department, so it's surprising that this three-year-old game is getting the movie treatment. Still, the game was pretty enjoyable even if it did make a mockery of Alighieri's source material. On top of that, Alvarez definitely is an appropriate choice to showcase worlds embodying limbo, lust, gluttony, greed, anger, heresy, violence, fraud and treachery. Imagine the epic battle between and a demon in Evil Dead, but throughout an entire movie.

But it all sort of begs the question, why not just make God of War? Here's GameSpot's review of Dante's Inferno from 2010:


Do you think Alvarez could turn this into something awesome or are you expecting it to be a hollow hack-n-slash. Let me know on Twitter


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