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Sarah Gibson

After 's Evil Dead remake raked in almost $54 million in the US on a $17 million budget, it seemed like the South American director had proven himself behind the camera.

And it looks like this kid has a gift for making a lot of money without spending a lot too, which is handy, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, Alvarez has just sold his new sci-fi action project, Machina, to MRC.

Details on the new movie are being kept under wraps, locked in the basement of a cabin in the woods. Or something. All we know right now is that Alvarez is attached to direct and will co-write the script with Evil Dead's .

On the strength of his first short movie, Panic Attack (which you cant watch here), I'm pleased Alvarez got his chance to shine with remaking 's horror classic earlier this year I'm interested to see him turn to science fiction, where he'll have a broader canvas to play with. What say you?


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