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*Warning: This article contains spoilers for Rick and Morty, as well as some really confusing multi-dimension theories. It'll make your brain melt*

Thanks to years of multi-dimensional experience, mixed with genius level intellect, it looked like Rick Sanchez was untouchable. Sure, he'd get into some hairy situations with his nephew, Morty, but he'd always come out on top by using an innovative invention, relying on his superior knowledge, or in some cases, turning to violence.

However, the end of Season 2 saw Rick in chains after he was hunted down by the Galactic Federation. Granted, he did have to hand himself in, but it looks like Rick's galavanting has finally caught up with him. Worse still, things could be going downhill even further in Season 3, and Evil Morty may be the mastermind behind all of it.

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The Galactic Federation Are After Rick

Rick in prison [Credit: Adult Swim]
Rick in prison [Credit: Adult Swim]

The good news is, as confirmed by show creator Justin Roiland himself, Rick won't spend much of Season 3 trying to escape prison; in fact, his breakout should happen quite quickly. This'll no doubt upset the almighty Federation, which will inevitably cause them to seek revenge.

Unlike previous seasons, Season 3 will carry some story arcs through various episodes, which led to a theory that all Ricks across various dimensions will be in deep trouble this upcoming season, hunted down by an A-team of villains with the intent on capturing every single Rick. Originally, the theory suggested that team will consist of:

  • Mr. Lucifus Needful (a.k.a. The Devil)
  • Evil Morty
  • Abradolf Lincler
  • Fourth Dimensional Being
  • Krombopulos Michael
  • Beta-Seven
  • Zeep Xanflorp
  • Tammy

But could the Rick and Morty master theory, which elaborates on the true origin of the Rickest Rick and Mortiest Morty, provide a clue as to who could really be the main instigator of the Galactic Federations backlash, and in turn, the quest to rid the universe of Ricks?

The Evil Morty Theory

The theory centers around the relationship between the Rick and Morty we believe to be the primary pair, or in interdimensional terms, the Earth C-137 pair. The episode "Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind" established that there are numerous versions of each, but it also gave some clues as to the origin of evil, Eye-Patch Morty, who was responsible for killing 27 Ricks.

In one particular scene, Evil Rick is exploring Rick C-137's memory, there are memories of Morty at a young age. This is despite the pilot episode explaining that Rick had been absent for 20 years, before suddenly appearing. So for Rick to have these memories, he would've originally belonged to another dimension, one where he grew up with the Morty who became intelligent and evil, and was last seen walking off belligerently into the distance.

So, *deep breath* that theory suggests that Eye-Patch Morty is the original Earth-137 Morty. His hatred of all Ricks suggests that he became corrupted by the constant misadventures and exposure to all sorts of, well, weird stuff. The Morty we believe to be primary, Earth-137 Morty is in fact a Morty from another universe, a universe Earth-137 Rick joined after a 20 year absence.

Evil Morty's Role In Season 3

Leading back into the theory on how Season 3 will unfold, it would make sense that Evil Morty will return, and become a serious threat to Rick's welfare. To add weight to the theory, Justin Roiland has previously alluded to Evil Morty's return, as well as tying up loose storylines.

Due to his intelligence, Evil may have also been the person responsible for the Galactic Federation searching for Rick, as well as the infiltration of the organization into Earth-137. While Evil Morty is in search of all Ricks, Earth C-137 Rick is the one he really wants. But just how far will he go? And will he return to hunt down Rick in Season 3?

Do you think Evil Morty was the mastermind behind Rick's imprisonment? And will he return in Season 3?


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