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Celebrity spats are like crack to former tabloid editor-cum-TV host Piers Morgan — regardless of how toxic the message, he just can't help himself. And nothing quite gets his greasy, crack-seeking gears a'clunkin' than the opportunity to enter into one of these spats himself, for they provide not only the chance to feed his troll-hungry soul, but to remind the general public that he still exists.

By those means then, it's unsurprising that when actor refused to appear on ITV's Good Morning Britain alongside Morgan after his comments on last weekend's Women's March, the media hound threw his pacifier out of the stroller and directly into the Twittersphere. Here's how it went down:

1. Piers Morgan Calls Female Protesters 'Rabid Feminists'

2. Ewan McGregor Pulls Out Of Interview

See also:

3. Piers Calls McGregor 'Just An Actor'

4. And Is Going To Write A Column About Him


Of course Twitter erupted with fans flocking to McGregor's defense, mostly to chime in with messages of support and to comment on Morgan's integrity, or lack thereof. And while the 45-year-old "just an actor" hasn't yet responded, I feel like all he would have to do is attach this clip from Trainspotting to sum up Morgan's characteristics pretty aptly, don't you think?

And here's to all fucks that McGregor will give about a column written by a disgraced former editor fired for hacking phones, exploiting children and illegally gathering gossip. You do you, Piers!

Trainspotting 2 hits theaters May 17, 2017, are you ready?


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