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With Justice League filming and Wonder Woman in post-production, our excitement for the DCEU continues to grow. Sure, the past three movies had hiccups, but that shouldn't discourage us as far as wanting to see these films work. The good news is that I believe Zack Snyder and future DCEU directors will take this into consideration.

Some of the greatest things to arise so far in the DCEU are Batman, Wonder Woman, the Joker, and the Flash. After seeing the trailers for Wonder Woman and Justice League, I believe we're in for quite a treat. While we wait for these anticipated films, let's take a look at the latest rumors about the DCEU:

6. When We'll See Deathstroke

The internet blew up when the news broke that Joe Manganiello will be portraying Slade Wilson, but now the question is, "Which movie will he debut in?" Sources say that the latest rumor is that Deathstroke will make a cameo in both Justice League and the solo Batman film. This seems like a reasonable rumor that makes sense because there is no way that they'll waste this character in Justice League. It has also been rumored that Amanda Waller will hire Deathstroke to recruit more members to the new Suicide Squad. If this rumor is true, and it very well may be, I could see this as a post-credit scene in Justice League.

5. Sinestro Added To The DCEU

This should come as no surprise to Green Lantern fans. It makes total sense for Sinestro to portray the antagonist since he is the main villain in the comics. Adding the evil Korugarian to the film sets up multiple possibilities in the future such as the Sinestro Corps or the Injustice League. Either way, I'm excited to see this film and get more familiar with Green Lantern.

4. Solo Batman Film Plot Details

Just like I mentioned earlier, Deathstroke will more than likely be in the solo Batman film, however I doubt he'll be the main antagonist. There are still rumors suggesting that the film will take place at Arkham Asylum with the villain, Black Mask, releasing the inmates. This also seems to suggest that Joker and Harley Quinn will make an appearance, but again, not as the the main villains.

3. Potential Villain And Plot Details For Man Of Steel Sequel

Slated for a 2020 release, it's been reported that Brainiac will portray the main antagonist. It's also been reported that Lex Luthor will use the LexOS to contact beings in the universe, which hints at the arrival of Brainiac. It's about time we have a solid Superman villain. This plot makes sense due to the potential plot points of the solo Batman film where Arkham inmates, including Lex Luther, have been set free.

2. Steppenwolf's Involvement In Justice League

We all know that Steppenwolf has been slated to portray the main villain, but reports say that he won't show up until near the third act of the film, such as Doomsday in BvS. The Justice League itself is rumored to fight off Parademons most of the film. After the members of the Justice League have been defeated, that's when Superman will make his return and redeem himself by defeating Steppenwolf. I kind of want this to be half true. I'm afraid it will be boring for the Justice League to fight these demons the whole movie. They need to set up Steppenwolf in the beginning of the film and have Batman and his crew fight him more than once throughout the movie.

1. Suicide Squad Sequel

Yes, it has been heavily rumored that a sequel is in development. The movie had issues, but it was overall a solid movie and brought home quite a bit of money. Having said that, the sequel isn't scheduled to be released until 2020, so let's just take our time with this one. Other rumors have suggested that Suicide Squad director David Ayer will not be returning to direct the sequel.

Other News

The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun has been rumored to be in early talks to be cast in the DCEU. With fans already upset about Yeun's speculated exit from the show, this news doesn't seem to make anything better. Sources say that this role is possibly Nightwing. While a lot of fans are questioning this rumor, many people are actually saying some positive things about this news. I actually like the news myself, but who knows — these are only just rumors after all, right?

For more exciting things that are to come from DC, check out the Justice League Easter Egg video below and what they might have hinted at for upcoming films:

Have you already checked out these rumors? Maybe you've heard different ones than I have or even updated versions to the ones stated above. Let me know in the comments below!


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