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While the development of Sherlock Holmes 3 slugs along, there's a far more promising Holmes tale in the works. An adaptation of Mitch Cullin's Mr. Holmes was recently announced, and for those of you unfamiliar, his novel deals with an aging Mr. Holmes. It poses a great question: what happens when one of our most brilliant minds begins to lose his mind? There's an infinite amount of possibilities to be had with that concept. To deliver on that potential, director has teamed up with an old colleague, . The two worked together on Gods and Monsters, a terrific movie featuring some career best work from McKellen and , so seeing the two of them working together again should be a joy for any film fan.

With Condon's involvement it's a surefire sign we'll see more than Sherlock Holmes fighting baddies in slo-mo and wooing bad-but-not-really-bad love interests. Based on his description of the film, that'll be the case:

God, it's a lovely, beautiful jewel of a script by Jeffrey Hatcher (The Duchess). It's about Sherlock Holmes at age 91, trying to figure out his last case. He's compelled to do so before he dies. It's also him with diminished power, so it examines: who is the smartest man in the world when he can no longer think straight?

The more recent incarnations of Holmes have been all around suave and cool with a few eccentricities thrown in for good comedic measure. Will we see the meaner side of Holmes from some of the original stories?

Yeah, he was an opium addict and all that. I hope we'll show [that harder side]. He's a little mean.

"Mean" is certainly a character trait Mr. Condon knows well. Next week sees the release of his latest film, The Fifth Estate, a film that doesn't shy away from its key figure's rougher edges. It's a return to the character-driven drama where Condon got his big start, so before you see him dealing with an old grumpy Sherlock Holmes, make sure to see how he handles Assange first.

The Fifth Estate opens in theaters October 18th.


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