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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

It seems that AMC are a little panicked about losing their awesome, blood-soaked crimefest, Breaking Bad and are swiftly plugging the gap with another awesome, blood-soaked crimefest. Cue Low Winter Sun. The show centres on the antiheroic Detroit cop, Frank Agnew () and his partner Joe Geddes (), the man he 'distrusts the least.'

From brief trailers the show has looked promising - a hazy, dirty Detroit seeping with noirish malaise. Low Winter Sun is a gritty new reworking of the already pretty gritty 2006 mini-series from the BBC, with Strong reprising his lead role. The supporting cast is solid, claiming and Generation Kill's in the ranks.

To get the ratings race off to a flying start, AMC have released the whole first five minutes of Low Winter Sun's opening episode! What a great idea, AMC, maybe you could do the same for The Walking Dead? Pretty please?

Lest I forget, viewers, take note; as I write from the sweltering heat of Berlin, I am afraid that this video is not available in our territory. So I haven't * sob * actually seen it. But here it is, for you, with your new-fangled non-German gadgetry, to watch at your leisure. No, really, I'm nice like that. Watch it as many times as you like.

Click the picture below for the exclusive first five minutes:

The series premieres on AMC, August 11th 2013.


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