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"What have we done?" This question kicks off the gripping third trailer for Sony's latest venture into to space, , which launches us headfirst into the reality Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal find themselves in: trapped in space with an AI that's as smart as it is strong. It's a reality they brought upon themselves — and it has the potential to destroy life as we know it.

Littered with lines such as, "It's hard to watch people die," and excruciating bone-crunching audio that won't fail to tie your stomach in knots as you inch toward the edge of your seat, Life promises to be one hell of a ride. And, in true sci-fi form, it seems like this intense beast of a movie will not only kill off all of its leads, but will hand-deliver its villain to the motherland.

'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Plus, it features wielding a flamethrower, because why TF not.

Check out the red band trailer, exclusive to Movie Pilot, below:

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What Have We Done?

The plot for Life circulates around a crew of astronauts aboard the International Space Station who, after successfully capturing what appears to be the first proof of extraterrestrial life, are tasked with studying the sample. However, this odd, Octopi looking creature grows at a rate of knots and before long, the crew have to find a way to destroy it before it escapes and decimates Earth. But by the looks of this , they fail.

'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

A "Black Box” recording, courtesy of Ryan Reynolds, begins and ends this 1:30 minute fright fest. This recording should only be played in case of death, so the fact it's screened across Times Square shortly before a pod is shown plummeting toward Earth may not bode well. It may not bode well at all.

'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]
'Life' [Credit: Sony Pictures]

Starring Ryan Reynolds, , Rebecca Ferguson, and helmed by Daniel Espinosa (Child 44, Safe House), this production lands in theaters nationwide March 24.

Are you ready to take on Life?


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