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Squint at the screen and it's still there: the scratched reminder of a horror short so terrifying you lobbed your cell across the room and left it there, alongside your hopes for a nightmare-free slumber. We are, of course, talking about — the 1:40 minute jump scare that, since its release in 2015, has garnered over 19 million views worldwide and gained a reputation for being one of the scariest shorts ever made.

It starts out in a place we've all been before (whether you care to admit it or not), working those selfie angles in a flattering light with the goal of whipping your significant other into a frenzy — only to morph into something darker at a hair-raising speed. You can refresh your memory below, if you dare:

A large part of the short's success was down to its simplicity: it lay out a narrative that pulled the viewer in by employing reliable yet effective horror tropes that still manage to scare you half to death, despite the final jump's inevitability. One quick scroll through the countless YouTube reaction videos will show you that. But perhaps its most potent tool was the base notion that a good story and active mindset are the key ingredients for creating a great movie — at least that's what creators Erdal Ceylan and Meelah Adams believe.

The German one-man-one-woman filmmaking team combined their expertise — Ceylan, a writer/director/horror fanatic, and Adams, a film student/viral video researcher — their work ethic, and their passion to bring Selfie From Hell to life. And their efforts paid off — with a little help from Movie Pilot and their 30 million followers, who aided the short's international recognition — the fright fest has now been transformed into a feature-length movie.

'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]
'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]

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Introducing The 'Selfie From Hell' Feature-Length Film

'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]
'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]

Over the last 18 months Adams and Ceylan have been working tirelessly to develop their viral phenomenon into a full feature-length film. Signed to the production company IndustryWorks Studios — the guys behind horror hits like American Mary — the duo have been able to keep their vision alive by remaining 100% involved every step of the way. Ceylan still directs, and Adams stars once more, in a move that's incredibly rare once Hollywood becomes involved, and one that makes this project all the more exciting.

The movie promises to be an extension of its OG counterpart, staying true to Ceylan's style of "taking classic ideas and making them up-to-date." The story focuses on Julia (Adams), a German blogger visiting her cousin Hannah (Alyson Walker) in the States — but this vacation does not go to plan. As soon as she arrives, Julia falls victim to a viscous illness that not only takes over her body, but causes unusual happenings within her home. Stressed, suspicious, and desperate to find out what mysterious entity has taken hold of her cousin, Hannah embarks on a relentless investigation through the deep, dark web to unearth the cause. In other words, we're journeying to the origin of the Selfie From Hell.

Movie Pilot has the exclusive first look at the theatrical poster, featuring a creepy eye bulging through a camera lens. Check it out:

'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]
'Selfie From Hell' [Credit: IndustryWorks Studios]

Looks pretty f***ing creepy, right?!

The movie is set to land at some point this year. In the meantime, keep up to date with all things Selfie From Hell via their Facebook page!

Did Selfie From Hell scare the hell out of you?


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