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Jack Giroux

Neuromancer isn't a digestible novel. If you pick up William Gibson's book and only read the first ten pages of it, you'll already find yourself lost in its futuristic, cyberpunk narrative. That's a part of the book's charm, and it may have ended up causing troubles for its long-awaited cinematic adaptation. A few writers and directors have tried making the project work, but, for one reason or another, it has never come together. Neuormancer isn't an easy sell, so it's long road to the big screen makes sense.

Director , who picked up the high-profile project around the release of Splice, says he may have done the impossible and made Neuromancer accessible, while also preserving the novel's edge:

What's funny is, if you read my draft of Neuormancer, it's quite accessible. There's complexity to it, because that's the nature of the material, but it's not esoteric. It's edgy, but it's not NC-17 or something like that. Basically, it's hard to make something dystopian at that budget level. I believe it'll happen, though. The reason it takes so long is because you must have the right cast, and it takes forever to find the right actors.

To finally make his dystopian movie come to life, one of those right actors would be responsible for it:

It's an ongoing process [finding the right actor]. It's never stopped [Laughs], and nor has it for High Rise. The scripts for those movies are done, and so is some of the concept work and so on. It's just about finding the right people. You have to fulfill both the creative component and cast someone who can get the movie made. It's not so hard to get one of those, but it's hard to get both of those in one person, which is what makes it difficult.

That sounds about right. Besides finding an actor who has artist and commerce written all over them, you need to find a performer brave enough to jump into material as daring as Neuromancer.


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