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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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fans rejoice! Kate "never made skin-tight leather look so good" Beckinsale is back, and she's got a new badass wolfskin coat and a fresh selection of killer super powers under her belt. But have all of her efforts to end the eternal war between vampires and werewolves so far been in-vein?

Underworld: Blood Wars marks the fifth installment in the epic vampy franchise, and it looks set to push the boundaries of where the previous movies have dared to take us. Unfortunately for Selene however, it appears that the premium on the blood of her and her hybrid Immortal-Vampire-Lycan daughter, has never been higher. If that wasn't bad enough, a whole new resurgent Lycan clan with a powerful new leader has emerged, and her own sellout vampire faction is also hellbent on sucking her and Eve dry of their delicious pedigree strain, meaning that Selene is going to have to "go further than even a warrior of [her] renown has ever ventured before."

With the release date set for January 6, we've been teased with an exclusive new "Bloody Trailer" to pour over. So, breaking it down, here's everything we can expect from the epic upcoming movie.

Watch The New 'Bloody Trailer' Here:

The Lycans Mean Business.

To quote the main vampy antagonist, Semira (played by Lara Pulver):

Lead by their new terrifying leader Marius, we need only look at that throbbing mass of swarming hairy bodies to know that Selene will be facing her biggest challenge yet. Speaking of which...

New Lycan Leader, Marius, Is Determined To Win The War

Absolutely set on destroying the Vampires and gorging himself on Selene's delicious limitless-power-providing blood, Marius (Tobias Menzies) and his army are going on an epic offensive to get what they desire.

It Looks Like The Final Showdown Will Take Place On An Ice Rink

Performing an absolutely epic knee-slide, Selene looks like she faces her ultimate battle with Marius on an ice rink...and Marius looks like he gets a rather painful sword through the chest.

It's All Going Very Game Of Thrones

Aside from that fact that GOT actor Charles Dance returns for the sequel, Selene is told in the Trailer that her real battle lies in the bleak north. Lets hope she gets some extra help from Jon Snow and not the White Walkers.

We're Being Primed For The 'Next Generation'

Underworld: Blood Wars
Underworld: Blood Wars

The movies original name, Underworld: Next Generation led many fans to speculate over the film being somewhat of a hand over to some new, young faces, ready to carry the franchise on into a new dawn. As the Trailer heavily features David, a vampire who lost his father during a Lycan invasion, we can expect him to perhaps be the new protagonist of all further Underworld movies, of which we've been promised at least one more.

Selene Is Going To Have Some Sort Of Rebirth

Upon being told that she will need to "go further than even a warrior of your renown has ever ventured before," Selene is depicted swiftly getting dunked in a full immersion tank, like a baptism of sorts which results in her obtaining some new powers.

With A New Haircut, Comes Great Responsibility

Reappearing from her mystical baptism, we see Selene standing on the top of a staircase sporting a very attractive dip-dye hairdo. Aside from this, she also appears to have accumulated a selection of new powers and is able to completely disappear, leaving Marius holding her wolf-skin coat in disbelief and hinting that she may have become an Immortal.

Roll on January 6 because we can't wait to see how, and if, Selene is going to fight her way out of this one!


Will Selene survive Underworld: Blood Wars?


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