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Brian Salisbury

's remake of 's immortal Evil Dead premiered last night at the SXSW film festival here in Austin, TX. The house was packed, and the audience was so enthusiastic that they nearly tore the roof off the historic Paramount Theater. During the Q&A, Alvarez revealed that plans were already underway for his own Evil Dead Part II. He indicated that he was working on the script so he will at least be writing the sequel if not also returning to direct. Still, the question remained, who among the surviving cast would be returning?

The answer may potentially suggest spoilery plot outcomes for the remake, so if you are sensitive to such things, please cease reading.

During the press day for Alvarez's Evil Dead, this reporter had the chance to speak with , who, in a rather bold diversion from the original film, plays both the first possessed female in the iconic cabin and the heroic survivor first inhabited by the legendary . The full interview will be posted shortly, but one particular nugget was just too good to be kept on ice.

I asked Levy point blank if she would be retuning for the sequel. She stated, with no small amount of certainty, that she will be coming back for Evil Dead Part II. She did mention however that she's not sure what the followup would look like.

We will have more details on the sequel from director Fede Alvarez later today, but in the meantime this is great news. One of the best elements of the Evil Dead remake, by a country mile, is Levy's performance. The new film casts her simultaneously as both monster and suffering, but thoroughly badass final girl.

Evil Dead opens in the U.S. on April 5th


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