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For Season 4, The Walking Dead has another showrunner - this time, it's . Yawn, you say. I say, yay! As ever, it means expect the unexpected, and with a show like The Walking Dead, that's a great thing. It keeps the audience on their toes.

And has spoken to THR about what we can expect from the new season, and there's some juicy scoop for ya'll. And a new still of a rather intense-looking Michonne (), which you can take a look at above.

Here's some of the best bits from said interview:

  • This time round, it's gonna be a more 'character-based story'. There'll still be zombies and action-by-the-dozen, but expect a bit less of a blistering pace compared to 's era.

  • All you comic-purists out there, rejoice! There will still be some liberties taken with the source material, obviously, but with being a great fan of the comics, it'll be a lot closer than before. He even stated, that: "Season Four probably has the most number of scenes that are adapted directly from the comic series or very close to what we did."

  • There's a time-jump of a 'few months' between the seasons.

  • The Governor () will return (phew), but when, Kirkman wouldn't say. And what happens with him will be 'radically different'. He's pretty cagey about the Governor's storyline this season, but let's hope it's suitably epic!

  • And Michonne (). She's pissed, mighty pissed. Whenever The Governor returns, it ain't gonna be pretty. Girls got a revenge mission.

There's some more scoop, notably about 's turn as Bob Stookey. Check it out at THR.

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