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Christoph Gans brings the whimsical fairytale Beauty And The Beast back to its roots in his new interpretation of the film. The story La Belle et la Bête was conceived of in the 18th century and first adapted for the big screen by French new wave pioneer John Cocteau. I'd be curious to know whether he would give the 21st century French blockbuster his blessing or be turning in his grave at the thought of it.

The film will be released in a couple of weeks time, where it will also be screened at the prestigious Berlin Film Festival.

Here's what we can expect to see (via Indiewire):

With leads and surrounded by CGI creatures, lots of effects wizardry, bold costumes and much more. If folks were feeling the lack of Christoph Gans' presence in previous spots, that seems to rectified here, though he's still clearly playing for a much more mainstream crowd. Regardless, given the cast and budget he's been allowed to work with, we're still pretty curious to see the results.

Watch the opulent fantasy in action below:

Belle et La Bête

What do you make of the new trailer? Are you expecting good things from Beauty and the Beast?

Source: Indiewire



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