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Matt Carter

A couple of super-gory new clips for 's horror flick Maniac have hit, and I think it's safe to say they are most definitely NSFW. Both scenes are shot from the perspective of the stab-happy killer with a fetish for scalps, and both ratchet up the violence all the way to bloody disgusting. Check them out, but as I said, they are not suitable if you are at work, squeamish, or afraid of knife-wielding former hobbits:

If you're interested in seeing how these grisly scenes were filmed, check out this fascinating behind-the-scenes-featurette, which shows what can be achieved with a little ingenuity and lots of fake blood.

Maniac doesn't have a US release date yet, but you can [[follow]] and get all the updates as soon as they hit.

What did you think about the clips? Will you try and catch Maniac when it finally arrives in theaters? Drop a comment below.


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