ByPaul Aguirre-Livingston, writer at
editorial sleuth @ moviepilot
Paul Aguirre-Livingston

Artist Haruki Godo is liberating the Disney princess canon by giving all the leading ladies of the animated world - wait for it - pants. (Well, most of them.) In a clever art project, Godo is swapping out the ballgowns and belly tops for the clothing of their male saviors.

Even if you were totally fine never seeing Ariel wear anything more than a seashell bra, feast your eyes on many of her studio mates, from Rapunzel to Belle, becoming modern women that aren't defined by what they wear. But the totally boring prince outfits all start to look the same (except for Hercules), so you're left wondering where the personality went? Plus: where's Snow White or Pocahontas? Too many B-listers here.

Still, check out the fan art below.

What do you think? Doesn't Vanellope von Schweetz (above) still look badass in Wreck-It Ralph's overalls?



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