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A few days ago, via Heroic Hollywood, Carlos Valdes who's portraying Cisco Ramon on The Flash teased the future presence in the show of the Justice League character known as . He also pointed out that the character will be much related to Cisco/Vibe, who will learn some new skills thanks to Cynthia Reynolds.

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Although for the fans Gypsy is quite a familiar character. Here are 3 major pieces of information about Cynthia Reynolds to know before she enters the show.

1. First Appearance

Cynthia Reynolds made her debut in Justice League of America Annual #2, back in October 1984, and she belongs to the Earth 1 or New Earth Universe. Her origin story follows her to the home of Edward and June Reynolds, where, as a child, she's a victim of abuse. She runs away from her home as soon as her powers begin to manifest at the age of fourteen and then she makes her way to Detroit, where she becomes Gypsy — a myth among the people of Cameron Street.

2. Her Powers

The powers and abilities of Cynthia Reynolds are remarkable - she has the power of illusion casting, she can camouflage both herself and any other person who's standing in her proximity. Gypsy also has the ability to project an illusion over herself in order to appear as another person. She can blend into her background, becoming invisible, and she also has telepathic powers. She can handle advanced combat skills and martial arts, as well.

3. Membership

Cynthia Reynolds a.k.a. Gypsy, first joined the Justice League/JLA Detroit, where she fought alongside the team after being some sort of antihero. In time, she grew fond of J'onn J'onzz, The Green Martian, and they both were founding members of Justice League Task Force, a team with a very short existence. She was also a member of the Birds of Pray, team that she has joined thanks to Barbara Gordon / Oracle.

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The Flash airs every Tuesday, on CW.


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