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Already seen the much-reviled Netflix adaptation of Death Note? Still reeling from how awful it was, cringing from how far removed the output is from the source material? Do you perhaps feel like writing your own name in a death note, to save yourself the frustration of continuing to live in a world where such movies thrive and exist? Are you looking for something to wash your mind clean of the fake Kira you just saw, the fake Light Yagami that had little to do with the true god of the new world?

Well, I got just the therapy for you!

NipahDUBS, a Texas-based Filipino-European animator, Youtaite singer and translyricist, recently animated a version of Death Note entitled Deathly God Parents. This version stars Light Yagami as Timmy Turner (coincidentally also Light’s surname in the Netflix adaptation) and the shinigamis Ryuk and Rem as his “deathly god parents.” Check out the opening theme below, sang by Nipah (pronounced as KNEE-PAW), Bvbyjuju, Kuraiinu, AmaitoFuu, Purehearto and Tohru0Chan:

The animation is based on a fan comic drawn by Andy Kluthe (from Nerd Rage) earlier this year. The lyrics from the video originated from the same web comic. Check out the art below:

'Deathly God Parents' by Andy Kluthe, 2017 [Credit: Nerd Rage Comic]
'Deathly God Parents' by Andy Kluthe, 2017 [Credit: Nerd Rage Comic]

Predestined To Fall?

Adam Wingard’s Death Note debuted last week on to unsurprisingly scathing reviews. In spite of the creators’ unanimously fresh ratings, and the mixed critical reviews post-SDCC, it seems the backlash was truly inevitable. Well, at least we have this comic/video parody to get us through this difficult time. It might just be 47 seconds, but it’s still 47 seconds better than 1 hour and 40 minutes of Netflix’s Death Note.

Ah, what we’d all give to watch a Death Note cartoon, reanimated and adjusted for American audiences, and adapted by Butch Hartman.

Do you think the parody is better than the Netflix movie, or just as bad?


Would you like to see a ‘Fairly Odd Parents’ version of ‘Death Note’ produced by Butch Hartman?

[Source: Nerd Rage Comic: ‘Deathly God Parents’ by Andy Kluthe]


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