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2017 marks the thirteenth anniversary of the well-known sitcom Friends coming to a close for good. The show starred Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox-Arquette, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, who all started to go their own ways when the show finished after Season 10.

However, a new photo on social media is suggesting that will return to our screens in Fall 2018 on NBC for one more season. The post has started becoming misleading for fans, and the photo already has 20,000 shares as well as 16,000 excited comments. But don't get too excited, as you are about to have your dreams crushed.

Season 11 Will Never Happen

[Credit: David Schwimer FB Page]
[Credit: David Schwimer FB Page]

By looking at the photo and the Facebook page that started this rumor, you can already tell that the photo is fake, and is about to cause an outrage from the show's fans.

Firstly, the page that created and shared this photo has incorrect spelling all over their page. The Facebook page that shared the post is called "David Schwimer" and the page's username is "@RossGheler." Hardcore Friends fans know that this incorrect, and that David (who played Ross) spells his last name with two M's, making it "David Schwimmer." Also Ross' surname is spelled "Geller,"not "Gheler."

Secondly, search "Friends revival online" and you'll see that numerous interviews with the cast come up, explaining that a Friends reunion or revival would never work. The creators of Friends have also specified that there is no intention to bring the show back any time soon.

Final Thoughts

We all loved growing up with Friends, and the hit show is still syndicated on television today. But it's been made obvious that the iconic show set in New York will not make a new and fresh appearance in the near future. None of the actors or actresses' IMDb pages claim that they are working on Season 11 of Friends. Instead, the hit cast are all too busy doing other big projects. It would be pretty epic to see the show return, right?

What is your favorite Friends episode, and why?


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