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After this weekend's New York Comic-Con, there's so much news going on with Iron Fist and The Defenders that no one has really taken the time to poke lighthearted fun at the latest awesome Marvel Netflix show, Luke Cage. Fortunately, someone just did...

In the first viral Luke Cage parody ever, from YouTuber Zach Ace, an intro to the Netflix series has been recreated in the style most commonly associated with Family Matters. If you're not familiar with Family Matters, the series ran during the '80s and '90s, and followed a dorky teenager by the name of Steve Urkel, who tends to cause more than his fair share of havoc for the Winslow family — more specifically, Carl Winslow.

Beyond Family Matters, the new Luke Cage opening delivers characters in an upbeat '80s montage that's pretty hilarious juxtaposed with the serious demeanor of the actual show it's borrowing footage from.

Not only does the new Luke Cage opening provide a nod to a classic television series still worth mentioning in 2016, it also introduces a very believable "what if...?" for a Luke Cage series built on a comedic theme instead of dramatic action. Hey, there's always Season 2.

What do you think about the new Luke Cage parody opening? Is it laugh-out-loud or lackluster in delivery?


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