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Vampires used to be seen in movies as scary, blood-sucking villains whose only purpose was to feed on the living. In 1931, Count Dracula was the first vampire movie introduced to the big movie screen who drank blood, sought world domination, and terrorized people. In the 1897 Gothic horror novel by Bram Stoker, Dracula was defeated by cutting his throat and getting stabbed with a knife in his heart. Vamps were violent, bloody, and frightening to look at!

Today’s films introduce a new type of vampire: a vegan vampire who doesn’t suck blood. A prime example is Edward from Twilight, who sparkles in the sun and falls in love with a human girl. These new vegan vampires are popping up quite frequently and are seen as heroes, friends, and lovers. Intrigued by the origin stories of vampires, I intended to answer this question: What other vegan vampires play a role in films and shows? Here is what I found!

Angel In 1997’s Buffy The Vampire Slayer — The Forbidden Lover

According to Comicvine, Angel was once perhaps the most evil vampire in the world, but he was given his soul back after gypsies cursed him for killing one of their young women. This curse gave him constant pain and agony to resist the evil impulses that came with being a vampire. He was determined to redeem himself by helping others, including Buffy, who was ironically a vampire slayer. They began a complicated romantic relationship, but it was destined to fail. Angel tried his best to be a hero, but he seemed to always be plagued by his evil alter-ego. But this next guy, Blade, was all hero and had very little to stand in his way.

Blade In 1998’s Blade — The Hero

Blade was a half vampire, half-mortal. He hated vampires because a vampire attacked his mother when she was in labor and she died from infection. He grew up to be a vampire slayer and injected himself with a special serum that would stop him from drinking blood, turning him into a full vampire. His mission: destroy vampires in search of his special blood type and prevent them from summoning an evil god needed to erase the human race.

Blade was a unique hero because he didn’t kill humans and used his vampire-born abilities and knowledge to destroy his own kind. Blade might have been a great heir, but he wasn’t very friendly. I would like to introduce the next blood-sucker, Rudolph, the friendliest vampire of them all!

Rudolph In 2000’s The Little Vampire — The Best Friend tells us that Tony (Jonathan Lipnicki) was a lonely boy who moved to Scotland as the new kid. At school he was constantly talking about his recurring nightmares about vampires and a mysterious comet. This gave bullies plenty of ammo to use to pick on him. As fate would have it, a child vampire named Rudolph (Rollo Weeks) flew into his room for safety from Rookery, a vampire hunter. Weak and hungry from being chased all night, Tony helped Rudolph find a cow to feed on.

To return the favor, Rudolph took Tony flying and let him meet his vampire family. There he learned that the vampires wished to become human again. They become quick friends when Rudolph helped Tony get revenge on his bullies by sneaking into the boys’ room and scaring the hell out of them with his bat wings!

Rudolph had lived centuries, but this next guy, Godric, lived for thousands of years and truly knew how heavy a burden it was to be a vampire.

Godric In 2008’s HBO Series: True Blood — The Wise Leader

An ancient vampire over 2,000 years old, Godric spent most of his vampire life killing humans because he hated them for their cruel treatment of his race. Sadly, he was only left feeling detached and empty. He decided to change his ways and become more compassionate — even loving — towards humans and stop killing them. Seeing the error of his ways, he chose to meet the sun, meeting an untimely demise in the Season 2 episode, “I Will Rise Up.”

Some vampires in True Blood began using a synthetic blood called Tru Blood, created by Japanese scientists. Unfortunately, it could only sustain a vampire nutritionally. It didn't truly satisfy the vampire's cravings. Because of this, many vampires opted to drink human blood. Under his guidance, vampires learned to love humans instead of fear them.

Whether they are feared or loved, moviegoers will flock to theaters to see a vampire movie because we will always be curious about the undead and the supernatural. Vampires will forever be loved because they are constantly evolving, interesting and complicated creatures who could turn on you one minute and then be your best friend the next!

Would you let any of these vamps bite you? Check out the video below to see some of the hottest vampires ever to be immortalized on screen:


Which Vampire Do You Prefer: Vegan or Blood Sucking Vampire?


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