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DC is bringing the intricate mythology of Shazam to the , first with Shazam!, slated for release in 2019, and then with its spinoff Black Adam, both of which will star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Rock has been cast in the role of Black Adam since 2014, but the same can't be said for Billy Batson's grown-up, superpowered version.

[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Animation]

During an interview with We Got This Covered, Johnson stated that he has a particular actor in mind to play . While he didn't explicitly mention the actor by name, he hinted at his identity by bringing up The Lone Ranger. So who appeared in that 2013 movie? Well, one of the leads was Johnny Depp, and we don't think that's who The Rock was talking about. But the other lead? Well, it was none other than Armie Hammer. Let's here The Rock tell it:

“I’m going to throw one name out here, and I want to see how the fans will react to this. A guy who I met, I went ‘Wow! That guy is such a cool guy! He is a lot bigger than I thought he would be’ and when I walked away, I remember telling our producer, who I have worked with for a long time, we both looked at each other and was like ‘Possibly Shazam?’ and we went ‘Yes’. I’m not even going to say his name, I’m just going to say Lone Ranger.”

Judging by his ubiquitous, impassioned social media posts, The Rock has a lot of clout at , so his suggestion of Hammer for the role makes the casting a likely possibility. But here's the thing: Shazam has a very particular appearance in the comics, so could the hunky actor pull off the look? Well, we finally have an idea.

Here's What Armie Hammer Could Look Like As Shazam

With The Rock's enthusiasm for Hammer's potential casting, two artists have created incredible concept art that gives us an idea of what Hammer could look like as the Big Red Cheese.

An artist who goes by the name of Salman Artworks created this incredible piece of fan concept art, which shows Hammer's Shazam facing off against The Rock's .

That's one incredible piece of fan art. While the characters are shown in the middle distance, we can see enough detail to visualize just how cool that scene would play out in a big-budget film.

BossLogic is well-known for his numerous artistic renditions of familiar figures. Here's what his interpretation of Hammer's Shazam would looks like, which he drew for


After seeing these images, I can definitely envisage Armie Hammer as Shazam. The actor has been on DC fans' radar for some time, with evidence having emerged last year, pointing to him being our next Green Lantern. Hammer has had some fun with the speculation, teasing fans for the past few months.

While he recently dismissed those rumors, that doesn't take away from the fact that some of DC's biggest players have been paying attention to Hammer, so it's not out of the realm of possibility to see him donning the red tights and white cape for the DCEU's upcoming extravaganza.

Shazam! flies into theaters on April 5, 2019. There is no date set for its follow-up Black Adam. What do you think about Armie Hammer's appearance as Shazam in the fan art? Would you like to see him in the role?

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