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Would you be unable to recognize your partner, neighbor or father, simply because they put on a mask? Apparently, the answer is YES. Lois Lane is unable to distinguish between Clark Kent and Superman, simply because he either sports a pair of geeky glasses or a blue suit and some hair gel.

You may not know that Westley (Cary Elwes in the film The Princess Bride) has become the terrible Pirate Roberts?

Comics and Pulp literature have offered inspiration to the movies to create great characters. Here I present my top 5 masked heroes. (I await your suggestions).

5. Green Hornet

Inspired by the radio and television serials, filmed in 2011. Follows the theme of billionaire by day and avenger by night.

4. Robin: (Dick Greyson)

Still no luck in films. Joel Schumacher directed Batman and Robin, but he made an appearance on the legendary television series with Adam West. I’m sure you’ll soon have the Robin that Gotham deserves. Will that get in the way of the boy wonder?

3. The Spirit

Maybe the movie was not the natural choice, but we still have the creation of graphic storytelling master, Will Eisner.

2. Green Arrow

Highly topical for Arrow television series, played by Stephen Amell (who claimed to have shown interest in participating in The JL) has made an upgrade to the series, Nolan style. But not forgetting the stage with Green Lantern, the voice of social conscience.

1. The Lone Ranger

Ranked first as its topical. Performed by as Lone Ranger, he must fight not only the wicked, but also try not to be overshadowed by , playing Tonto.


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