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Sam J. Jones and Lou Ferrigno are best known for capturing the imagination of millions of fans around the world by playing two of pop culture's most iconic characters: and , respectively. Now the two sci-fi legends have come head-to-head.

Ferrigno and Jones recently got into a fight that almost turned physical during MCM London Comic-Con. The reason behind their confrontation is unknown but one brave fan in attendance, Darryn Clements, revealed what happened during an interview with The Sun:

“Flash Gordon was telling the Hulk to go home. Lou was just saying, ‘You’re winding me up.' There was a lot of finger-jabbing and it was getting pretty nasty."

Clements, who was cosplaying as Suicide Squad's El Diablo during the convention, revealed that he contacted security after things began to escalate. Strangely enough, however, the security agents asked him whether he would be willing to step between the two gigantic actors to keep them from fighting.

“I went to speak to security, and said they are having an argument. They said to me, ‘Would you step in between Flash Gordon and the Incredible Hulk?’ I thought this has to be calmed down because if one hits the other it would be chaos — they are absolute monsters."

Fortunately, Clements decided to act quickly by getting between Ferrigno and Jones. Taking the bravery one step further, he reminded them they were both adults and were there to give their fans an awesome experience:

“There was a large crowd around, so I told them to act like adults and grow up as they were supposed to be there for their fans."

To calm things down further, Clements managed to make Jones and Ferrigno laugh. That got both actors to back off of each other and continue with their respective fandom duties. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. But Clements says he's no hero, as he would have most likely gotten squashed had either Jones or Ferrigno decided to take a swing.

“I made them laugh and that seemed to calm everything down. I don’t know if I was the real superhero because if there was a clash of the Titans I would have got squashed.”

Titans or not, the intervention worked as a long-term solution for both Ferrigno and Jones. An Instagram user by the name of chris_shaw7 posted a video of the two actors seemingly getting along later at the convention:

You may be curious to know what exactly started this whole thing between the two sci-fi legends. Unfortunately, it's hard to say. Both and provided strange statements.

Ferrigno said they were only having a conversation, while Jones stated they were never actually involved in an altercation. According to him, both of them were trying to stop a fight between two fans:

“It was between two other guys who wanted to fight each other. He and I together defused it.”

I guess this entire situation is doomed to remain a mystery. Still, it's great to know the actors settled their differences and avoided a bigger confrontation. It's also incredible to know it was a fan who helped calm things down.

[Source: The Sun]


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